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Years of Use: Man suffers from vitamin D overdose

God bless you Years of use

You suffer from nine damage to Vitamin D overdose

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The so-called "Sun Vitamin", which is not a vitamin, has severely impaired the health of a 54-year-old man. The Canadians dipped high doses of Vitamin D for a long time. With consequences.

ein 54-year-old Canadian, after an overdose with vitamin D suffering kidney disease. The man had taken a high concentration of preparation for several months. Daughters on the problem Bourne L. Auguste are currently reporting the case in the "Canadian Medical Association Journal" (CMAJ).

Vitamin D is not a vitamin, but a hormone precursor. When the sun reaches the skin, the liver and kidneys form active vitamin D. This result in 90 percent of & # 39; e own fabric. The rest is shared, if you eat fat fat. Vitamin D regulates the potassium and phosphate metabolism and enhances the muscles. If it is absent, especially the calcination level falls. Strong vitamin D definition can help remove diapers in children's books and bone in adults.

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Vitamin D, carried by lawyers like "sun-vitamin", is stored in the body. The body stops its own production if it has made enough. Anyone who enters the substance of the knife can observe the jungle, the offense, and the misconduct that it has in the least case for kidney problems. Daughters present artificial vitamin D additions for babies or people who are learning from a deficiency, especially in winter months with a small sun. This can be determined by a test. Vitamin D supplements are also available for free sale.

Two weeks every day blow sun

The Canadian had just two weeks in Southeast Asia and six days to eight hours in every sentence every day. When he returned to Canada, he went to the doctor for complaints. There he turned blood and found it to have a high creatinine level, indicating a kidney dysfunction. Creatinine is a core product of the southern creatine and is delayed by the urine. The doctors sent the patient to a renal clinic.

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There they also discovered too high a calcium level in the blood. As a result, the doctors had a crime. The man reports that he was patient in nature. He ordered two vitamin D products from him without a definition before. The nature proposition also had the second of two products presented without its knowledge. For two and a half years, he breaks drops with a total dose of 8,000 to 12,000 international units of Vitamin D. For comparison, the opposite vitamin D supplements contain as many as 800 to 1000 units. Typical overdose symptoms are kidney problems or greater calcination levels. It can also be hypotension, abuse, hearty arrhythmia or strong urine output.

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The 54-year-old stopped preparing, but the calorie level in the blood continued to increase per week. A year later he sank. But the man learned a permanent kidney money after years of overwhelmed.

According to the doctors who reported on the case in "CMAJ", the man was not informed about the risk of vitamin D elevating a dose. An overdose is rather rare according to the authors in "CMAJ". However, they warn that over-the-counter preparations could be an important risk. They advise against ingestion of more than 1000 international units per day.

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