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Will Smith in Instagram: Son Trey's Notes


Updated on November 28, 2018, 11:06 am

When it comes to his family, the other Will Smith cools just emotionally. So also in a recent instagram video. In this regard, the American actor speaks about the relationship with his eldest son Trey and shows: It was not always so.

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The Will Smith family is a glaze in Hollywood. Besides the "Prins Bel-Air" actor, Mama Jada and son of Jaden are also active as actors and daughter Willow has started her own music career.

But hardly know: Will Smith has another son. From his previous marriage with Sheree Zampino, his oldest son, Trey, emerged.

The Hollywood star now has special special reasons in a recent instagram post.

On Tuesday, the 50-year-old from a hotel room in Abu Dhabi reports. There he came with his son Trey on the occasion of a Formula 1 race. In his Instagram clam, Will Smith explains, "We are out of range, and I usually take my kids together to have their own daddy time."

Will Smith – more than a father

As part of this "daddy", the 26-year-old Trey said that was close to his father. Tightening tears, said the actor: "He touched me when he said," Do you know, Dad? I just denied that you are not just my father, you're my best friend. "

That the relationship between Will Smith and his eldest son Trey was not always good, suggests the commentary of the Instagram video. It says: "We came for many years after his mother's divorce, he felt left and left."

That's all right, even more: Will Smith and his son have a great relationship, was a blessing for the Hollywood star.
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Will Smith celebrated his 50th birthday on September 25th. And he still looks like his best times as "Prince of Bel-Air". But not only does he seem to fall into a source of youth. Even these stars refuse to be even older.

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