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«We have people in the square»


Telebasel News Post on November 11, 2018.

This year, the organizer attended a million people attending the Basel Autumn Fair. It is almost the same as in recent years.

The weather did not affect the start, but trade fair and market leader Daniel Arni is pleased with the following: "We are looking back on a solid autumn festival, and there was a rainy day when the autumn festival started, it's always important for people to come to the fairs on how many rainy days the autumn festival is."

Apart from the power outage of Chaos Pendulum, there were no major incidents this year.

A detailed interview with Daniel Arni. (Video: Telebasel)

It is time to say goodbye to the head of the fair after this fall fair and greetings for 10 years. He will be the director of Basler Allmendverwaltung on December 1. During the time as a manager, the fair grew steadily at seven locations in Gross and Klein Basel. But he said good. "Good, I had a good relationship with people, we could work together, I was cooperative and cooperative, and now it's a good situation for me."

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