Thursday , January 20 2022

Walliser Flitzer makes a rugby game sensation


On Saturday, a rugby match was held between Bath Rugby and Worcester Warriors in England. It ended with a victory for the home team. Something completely different, however, caused the sensation.

Just before the conclusion of the meeting, according to "", one person crossed the field to the gym operator in Lower Valais, where he was watching the game with his friends and 14,000 other spectators. "I never ran away before, I took off my T-shirt, pants and socks and waited for the right moment," he told, an English portal. The hurried security forces finally finished his performance, dancing a bit to the sideline.

Result: According to a spokesperson for the club, gym operators are threatening the ban on lifelong stadiums. "We take the flight very seriously and use an indifferent approach, rugby is a family sport and there are no places on the flip»


November 20, 2018 09:26

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