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Use vitamin D to improve performance and endurance.


Silvia Aeschbach, 17 November 2018

From head to toe

It is important to frequent the outdoors often even in cooler seasons. Photo: iStock

When the body gets enough sun (ie enough UVB radiation) – it usually produces enough vitamin D. However, if it is not exposed to sunlight (eg fall and winter, the sky is cloudy) it will help with drops or vitamin D purification. But that does not mean you should not go out on a regular basis. Walking for about 30 minutes in cloudy weather can be an enjoyment of body and mind.

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that can be produced in the body itself (and therefore, in principle, more hormones than vitamins). And more and more new studies show how important a good level is. Vitamin D is important for stable mental illness because it contributes greatly to the powerful immune system and not only promotes the immune system, but also because deficiency symptoms can aggravate fatigue and depression.

Better oxygen supply

Vitamin D, however, can be much more effective, as many studies show. It should arouse particularly exciting achievements and endurance for athletes. This is one of the conclusions of a recent study published in the Journal of Preventive Cardiology. According to Amr Marawan, director of research at Virginia Commonwealth University in Virginia, "High vitamin D levels with better training are linked."

This study investigates whether people with high levels of vitamin D in the blood can help improve cardiovascular health. Cardiopulmonary function shows how well breathing and circulating blood supply oxygen to your body. There is a link between higher levels of vitamin D and better mobility, regardless of men and women, young and middle-aged, and body mass index, "Marawan says.

This new study fits well with the findings of recent years. "Anyone who raises vitamin D levels to the highest level can do better in sports. Conversely, deficiency of vitamin D can impair athletic performance." Recently, the German portal "Health Center" "Vitamin D improves the resilience and performance of the heart-lung system, stimulates muscle growth, and increases testosterone production."

More power Cardiovascular System

A variety of athletic studies have shown that vitamin D increases oxygen intake, decreases muscle inflammation, and increases energy levels. In two independent studies published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2016, vitamin D has been shown to improve cardio-pulmonary system performance.

The fact that a sufficient supply of vitamin D is fundamentally "very important to human health" is highlighted by the Federal Health Service (FOPH) fact sheet. The Department of Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs (BLV) has also published "Recommendations for Meeting Daily Vitamin D Requirements".

However, before taking vitamin D in the form of drops or tablets, your doctor should measure your vitamin D levels and advise on dosage if necessary. Overdosage over a long period of time can also be harmful.

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