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Thiam has to invest millions in CS companies – Sundays

On Wednesday, Tidjane Thiam will be the bigger stage. On London's Investor Day, he wants to see the world his Credit Suisse (CS) is no longer a treatment for rehabilitation, but a permanent, predictive bank – water sport for all the crises that can come. A message that he has broken since the beginning of the year, but what he believes most likely believes. Instead of & # 39; the share price started on & # 39; Re-launching, it's only a few drops over a third.

As a result, Thiams Bank is clearer than the bank UBS. This resulted in a fourth of its value over the same period. Their boss Sergio Ermotti just visited two months ago in London also got an impression on the investor. Only, failed. Just two days after the advertisement marathon, the first prize money went back. The words of the management of the big banks trust the investor never.

Chairman Urs Rohner will probably also buy shares

But then Ermotti did not expect that one had expected: he invested 13 million francs of his own money in his bank. He has since been doing much better since then. And especially he has made a prediction that analysts now ask local rivals. For example, Vontobel analyst Andreas Venditti in his report writes brighter that it would be a sign of desire for management.

Increase graphics

According to information provided by Thiam's environment, one should be aware that the expectation exists. After the investment day, the so-called Blackout Period is over, from then on, the board can buy its own shares without an initial reproof. Then there is time for evidence, at least Thiam. It will be interesting to see if the chairman Urs Rohner also bought CS shares. Both will probably be, especially Rohner has already been accused, he is deployed for small and gets his bonus in cash.

The rulers also have to benefit directly. So the dividend is increased and a partial combat is known. 50 percent of the benefit from 2019 and 2020 should be treated, Thiam has made a known year ago. But there were doubts about whether the bank had enough money for great presents. She does, of course, so at least the assessment of management. The bank expects nearly 9 billion francs for the next two years. Approximately $ 4.5 billion would be so free. This dividend of & # 39; s anniversary of & # 39; The period is up to about 600 million francs. More than 2 years, which makes 1.2 billion. The remaining good 3 billion would then be the order of magnitude for the announcement of lectures, say sources that the program know.

Should you also be broken with what you can call the "off off" by privileged major shareholders. These are the so-called Coco, high yields that were executed after the financial crisis to Qatar government funding, and the Saudi family Olayan, instead of CS was maintained by the Swiss State and UBS.

The staff should also be calming

A great mistake: 15 billion Swiss francs cost it the second largest Swiss bank. She will also announce that on Wednesday. 700 million Swiss swimmers of interest in & # 39; One year has been over since 2010, 5.6 billion in total, according to current evaluation. In addition, there were just 10 billion in dividends, even though it was actually too bad capital. Responsible for doing CS today the former CEO Brady Dougan. The bank, however, can not go out fully with high yields. She recently received $ 3.5 billion dollar in London, giving an impressive 7.25 percent.

According to investors, not only the shareholders are reached on Wednesday, but also the employees. "The time of restructuring is over," says a keyword. It is true that efficiency is increased by 2 to 3 percent annually, although it is by natural savings instead of exit. The bank even says that "on record", around thousands of deviations are in the round.

Or that it is sufficient to give the positions, is still feasible. The view that the bank has given the bank should be the worries. Not for itself, but for the economy. Perhaps she is for a resume in the United States.

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