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There Horror Sturz, which changed Daniel Albrechts Leben

Daniel Albrecht announced on October 6, 2013, Rücktritt.

Image: Keystone

In January 22, 2009, Daniel Albrecht will be dismissed in training on the strip. In the case of soul jump, there are, in the 25-year-old's case, a jerk and cluttered a 70-meter flight brutally with the headphones.

With 138 km / h of thirteen Albrecht inherited the soul, yet another lower jump and the new bestzeit is perfect. Then come the other way: Albrecht stubbornly stays undisturbed. The images are shocking and as soon as it is ready, it was Schlimmes passed.

Even today it is called the Rücken cattle, if one sees the pictures.

One-and-a-half weeks remained Albrecht with a cup-of-hair trauma in artificial coma. If he waits, he'll never be the next, where he is. Albrecht starts fasting at Null, we have to talk about learning and telling him about. Albrecht just once: "If you have a person in your bed, you have no cousin, it's my mom, my friend or a wife of Spital. I'm pretty dumped, think it's good with me or not. More could not be found. No Worry. No Wut. No Glück. Keine Freude. »

The Rückkehr does not nullify who is accustomed to

Do the Kämpfernatur power gute advance drive and will need to cancel the Spital in April. Three Monts of late can be said to be Comeback for the coming season. Signal Soul: The Rückkehr in the Weldspitze. Very soon he does not come back, said Comeback until the 5th of December 2010 heraus. With a 21. Rank in giant slalom reports back the unique super talent. It is said that the best results, the backlog on the Weldspitze, is much greater than our last-named Sturz.

On November 22, 2012, he competes in training for the care of Lake Louise, thereby eliminating his left knee and traveling inside. Dancht is not kidding him in the ski circus. On October 6, 2013, said Rücktritt. He has more energy, more would he not like this matter.

Albrecht: «The Comeback was a gute therapy»

Black is Albrechts Career because of the stubborn sturgeon's cousin, so she could get rid of it, yes. However, Albrecht had fought back, it had until at least such an impression that all the blessings were successful. Undoubtedly, replying to the rate of the sixth in the world cup, was a type of athlete Albrecht, a more generous champion. There soft dazu: «The Comeback was a gute therapy. I am happy. Smoother if I didn't like it. »

Once again (in chores) Career has new Albrecht orientation. He is an excellent Mental trainer and has his own model line in leather. He did so softly as a trainer, but certainly he cared for the professional skiing at the Rücken. Zurzeit is marketed with the latter company the Häuserbau from Naturholz, the course for the night is falling. Unda is prouder of a sweet-haired Daughter.

At juniors, they were abruptly silent, as 20-year-olds became world champions in the open air, in the gym and in the combination and slalom cavity is silver. Also celebrated at the "Grossen" is success. In the WM 2007 in Åre, Gold won in the Super Combination and silver in giant slalom. Undertake a bronze medal in team law editing. In the 2006 Olympics in Turin, there were four in the Combination Bronze in six hundred hundred customers. Albrecht went to the start of the World Cup and, for eight days, he won four rounds, four runs could be won.

WM 2007 in Åre: Daniel Albrecht presents his Gold Medal, which he won in the Super-Combination.

Image: Keystone

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