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The Sports Awards 2018 in & Ticker en Stream

The sports prize in Zurich is over. The big winners are Nino Schurter and Daniela Ryf.

Roger Federer is the great absent at the Sports Prize. Perhaps everyone is the phone number of tennis superstar. Here are the most important facts, best performances and best slogans on a visit:

079 – Lo & Leduc and Yb star Guillaume Hoarau sing in the gala «079». We ask: Who would be the Swiss stars as the mobile number? The answer is overwhelmingly clear: by Roger Federer! "I want to ask him how to win this title as athlete of the year," says mountain biker Nino Schurter, nominated for the tenth time and never won. "I would ask him why he's not here," says Mujinga Kambundji, laughing. "His recipe for success would matter to me," says skullyman Jeanine Gmelin. "How long does he stay in the lead in # 33 and how he can succeed?"

Cracked – Nino Schurter succeeds in tending to end the big drainage! The bricklayer does not need Federer's tips – he's finally athlete of the year. In tears, Schurter gives his academic speech before he gets home to his daughter for television. "You can stay until today, now you must go to bed."

audience happy – Schurter receives 14,45% of the public prize – much more than the others. The second Beat Beat in the audience was only 6.5, followed by Federer (4.5).

MEMORIES – By "079" Daniela Ryf also has great memories. "It was the beginning of the year, we were in Piedmont, the sound was the whole time. It was with me all seasons."

Christmassy – Ryf goes into the Golden Carpet in a yoke of the Swiss company Akris. If it says its status, after four iron victories in # 39, the Solothurner will be the prize of # 39; the athlete take # 39 after the second time after the second time! She would have festive field in the coming weeks, yet. "I'm currently with Guetzlen with my goddess – and drink windmill." The training for the fifth Ironman win can wait longer.

humble – "Do you want me?", Freget Ryf shudder on the Golden Carpet in & # 39; the direction of the BLICK crew. If she does not believe we want to ask her a few questions. Ryf: "You never know."

delay – Two captains come to the last second: Dario Cologna is introduced by the World Cup of Norway, Wendy Holdener comes from the parallel slalom in St. Louis. Moritz, where they disappeared after the stage, also directly. With the LOOK versus "crazy money" opposite, she does not think about the gold carpet.

gag – In & # 39; t entry for the presentation of & # 39; The sports prize is "stolen". The presenter Sandra Studer and Rainer Maria Salzgeber determine, including 079 musical songs. In any case, the silver will be set to time: artistic gymnast Giulia Steingruber was the thief – and later on the price of the coach of the year Patrick Fischer.

relaxed – Mujinga Cambodia turns the gold carpet. "I had a nice season, the best of my career." The three fourth places at the European Championship in Berlin? Stay away from the Bernese woman. "It's a great honor for me to be nominated, it's very good today I'm fourth and I do not have to accept, I love not so great."

DRESS CODE – The double handle seems easy: Ramon Zenhäusern "would not want it if the whole event takes place in trainer pants." The two meters of Valais also makes an excellent figure in a cost and crap.

PLACE 2 – In the past, the Young Boys had overcome their trauma. But in the team of the year, the Berneans are again places where they always have been stone: 2nd place for the Swiss footballers at the top of the stage are the ice-cream silver heroes.

FLEET SPRAY – "After the Olympics, they would like us to offer the gold anana and certainly not this price," says National Hockey Director Nati GM Raaf Raffainer in his acceptance.

FLEET SPRUCH II – Moderator Saloon is talking with Speed ​​King Beat Feuz. "The poorest woman grew up in Austria," says Salzgeber to Emmentaler, who lives with partner Katrin at Innsbruck. "How would it speak?" Fei dry: "You come from Valais, you've got some words, but Walliser Germans do not speak about it." Salt: "There is never the FIFA president." So this cup goes over the Feuz skion.

FLEET SPRAY III – Presenter Sandra Studer with a slower meter Ramon Zenhäusern on the stage: "How big are you, how many centimeters are they?" Zen hounds: "200. And how old are you?"

Afterwards – The same image for the coach of the year – Hockey Naticoach Patrick Fischer trumpet YB-Master coach Adi Hütter.

CALL YOU LIKE BECKHAM – From 079: From whom he wants to have the mobile number, YB-Kicker Loris Benito is asked. "That can be cheesy," answers the left side. "But I want to be David Beckham, I would like him to ask for a lot about post-career."

ATTENSION, ROAMING! – Who would call hockey coach coach Patrick Fischer? US president Donald Trump. "Just like I know how it works."

LOCAL PATRIOT – "The best acceptance is ever," said Moderator Rainer Maria Salzgeber. What promotes the Valais? Théo Gmür deserves the discovery athlete of the Year with a player with the Valais stars. "Vive le Valais!" Gmur calls the audience. Very sympathetic.

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