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The smartphone with the display hole in manual ⊂ ·

The world is talking about the expo of Honor View 20, but the new healing model of & # 39; A Chinese smartphone manufacturer has a lot more to offer – a mega-camera sensor, an ultra-fast processor, and a powerful battery. Here is our first impression.

The processing of the display 20 is strong: with the light-aluminum frame and the round edges it fits comfortably into your hand. Or you would like to see a special glass-glass look that looks great, but also makes fingerprints easy to see, everyone has to decide for themselves.

The background of the flag changed with further design features: A Nano-vacuum coating combined with an aurora textured for a V-shaped gradient with offset effect – in & # 39; e colors Saphire Blue, Midnight Black, Phantom Blue and Phantom Red.

Notch was yesterday

One thing in front of it: the so-called praise in & # 39; The stage means nothing but the front seat, which is the selfie camera – and so does the successor of (larger) Notch. With this, the Honor View 20 remains the trend towards virtually green leaf – an impressive 91.82% of the 6.4-inch frontal heel at the & # 39; At first glance, our visual inspection appears to be a sharp, contrasting image with natural colors.

More exciting than the round shape in the display, however, must be the camera that is behind it and with a fast 25 megapixels. For pixels to say nothing about the quality of the images, the display will even have to be judged in our upcoming test.

In the small hole is in the tone is the preference.(© 2019 CURVED)

48 megapixels for the upper class

Even with the rear, it does not mean it is abused, but it is herding: The 48 MP main camera with 3D functionality is actually a top feature of the Honor View20. They take care of the most detailed photo's that you look closely at. This is possible due to an extremely high resolution of Sony (IMX586) and the AI ​​features of a smartphone. Thus, the AI ​​Ultra Clarity mode optimizes the photos to make the photos sharper and make colors more frequent. The feature can also be terminated, for those who optimize occasional screenshot.

To do this, put a second lens on & # 39; a back a smartphone, which is 3D photography. This 3D camera has infrared light to measure the distance between the smartphone and the object. With the aid of artificial intelligence, the 3D sensor can find the distances specially enough. This equipment makes all kinds of gadgets and functions. Thus, the camera can also be used as possible controls for 3D motion shifting games and some AR functions have the display 20 in the luggage.

There is another parallel to the Mate 20 Pro of Huawei: in the Honor 20 view, the Kirin 980 uses the same chipset. And the rest of your hardware clicked on & # 39; a luxury status of an honorable display 20: the 4000 mAh battery with a fixed storage, 6 or 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage for apps and data like photo's, video's or music.

The bright back puts fingerprints.

As an operating system, Android 9 Pie is installed once factory, as usual with its own interface EMUI 9. The first scroll through makes the display 20 a very good impression, all apps run smoothly – everything would be different in the technical requirements also surprising.

Suggest: Before, high end can also be

However, the Honor View 20 is not IP certified and therefore not well protected against dust and water. However, as a top-of-the-range smartphone, the smartphone, like all honors, boasts its prizes. From 569 Euro Euro you get the Market Startab 29.01.2019 a predictable phone with a fast processor, a special memory and well-designed camera. For 649 euros, the device instead of 6 is available with 8 gigabytes of memory and 256 gigabytes of memory. What the device does with its top features in practice will read you quickly in our test.

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