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The new federal council has already fought against a scandal – Switzerland: Standard

A few days after the historic election of two federal councilors, the euphoria disappeared into the Bundeshaus. The first first decision of the newly formed government – the department – threatened to create a conflict.

Traditionally, the FNP is trying to earn the departments by consensus. But on Friday he did not even agree with a long discussion, Nobody wants to take the Defense Department (DDPS). Acting Defense Minister Guy Parmelin (SVP) has requested a request for three years to go to the infrastructure (Uvek) or the board of committees.

The new CVP representative Viola Amherd wants to go to Uvek and the new FDP federal councilor Karin Keller-Sutter goes to the Economic Department. This is reported by the Sunday papers – and its information is considered to be evaluator of assessments near the federal council. How to get the discussions in detail, just know the seven federal councilors.

Who takes the DDPS?

Because nobody in the meantime wanted to, the Federal Council has to make its decision. If possible, he wants to prevent his first decision in a new composition and thus falsifies one of its members. It would be a very serious start to the new government, which extends far too many tasks.

According to sufficient sources near the federal council, the department distribution must now take place in a second meeting, which is scheduled for Monday. A consensus decision can only be as if Parmelin's consent to change – or as one of two new offers for the DDPS. All three are under pressure from their parties:

  • The SVP top makes Parmelin to change. Her argument: The SVP had led the VBS for 23 years without interruption; Finally, another party is back on line.
  • Find Influencing FDP exponents, on the other hand, argue that the FDP has all the less influential foreign side (EDA). It is not important that the DDPS is now fixed, while the other parties form the really important policy fields: economy, infrastructure, social and tax policy, for example. In addition, there is great hope for Karin Keller-Sutter in the federal parliament: thanks to their good relations with trade associations, she has to reach a compromise in the fully blocked European policy. It would be difficult to make a defensive attack, but in # 39; The Economic Department would be more likely.
  • Also in CVP remains the anticipation of & # 39; The DDPS within a narrow limits – for reasons like that in the FDP, but reinforced by the fact that Amherd is the only representative of & # 39; e CVP in the federal council.

If the discussion about the departments can only be heard, Amherd has the worst maps, so they do not have a party in the Council. According to "Sunday's Day", Ueli Maurer (SVP) and Ignazio Cassis (FDP) Parmelin make his wish for change. If this is the case, Keller-Sutter plays partly in the department of # 39; the Division: It should decide whether the SVP-FDP blockade of four requests to help Amherd in DDPS – or if they agree with Amherd and the two SP federal councilors to solidify Parmelin.

In addition, the simulation games are complicated by the untimely role of Simonetta Sommaruga (SP). Even the Minister of Justice remains with a transfer to the Uvek or the Chamber of Deputies. It is, however, not clear how determined it strives to change – or if they can live with them, stay in court and police office for the residence of their term of office.

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