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The interactive "Black Mirror" movie "Bandersnatch"

"Want your own adventure" is the motto of the book, the game and the movie "Bandersnatch". File: netflix

The interactive "Black Mirror" movie "Bandersnatch" is nonsense. Rare, Netflix!

The anticipation was great, the disappointment is greater. It's a shame that Netflix has one of its best projects.

Rarely hard, rarely so disappointed. For "Black Mirror" has been set up for technical technical technical series for years, it's high. Now there are no new episodes, but a new, original interactive film, the (almost) free stretch "Bandersnatch".

Jungnerd Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) makes a crazy book called "Bandersnatch" – named after a character from "Alice in Wonderland" – for the story stuff. What exactly it is not a thing, we do not even agree, at least it really drives him crazy, as much as he has to analyze regularly. The latest game guru Colin (Will Poulter) wants to win Stefan for his business – and now many questions are open which are very many answers: How & # 39; t decide, he goes over dead bodies, what does it have with his youth and is the game itself successful?

But not everyone who makes it a big series is also a good movie maker. Noteworthy is the Black Mirror writer Charlie Brooker not. For what would be a round trip to the story, even if normal, compact independent delivery, does not entirely satisfy, as interactive, wounded, spelled film. Although Brooker tries this with all the faith.

1. May participate

Ultimately, Brooker and Netflix make some black mirror of & # 39; become a horror night. But why? Until now, "Black Mirror" was developed in many independent episodes (one would like a low level of misconduct for crime), entering into perversions of digital progress, not just images, Unlike Brooker, that's what it has as the most deserving breastworms in the world of & # 39; a mass production. Dignified by scientific fiction, when one asks himself: how does man think?

Now you can go for a while. If options are shown below the screen, try a soundtrack or breakfast. For whichever job he or she desires or rejects. Whether a dead man is overgrown or chopping heels, it jumps out of the window of two. This applies to a whole bunch of & # 39; e "Wow, what is now?".

It is 1984 and Stefan is sitting today for his Crazywall. Is that okay? File: netflix

But then it gets wounded badly, in recreational time the story jumps back to an older option or the developments following two different decisions are almost identical. There are no completely different rented stories, but minimal variants. The treasure behind "Bandersnatch" is so daunting soon to be sober. Slaughter half empty or half full.

We see "Bandersnatch"

Video: Watson

In Netflix, of course, that means: The way is the goal. And with that the worst word of all time. Applies to everything that has no punchline, no final, no real architecture.

2. May nostalgia

Normally, we find ourselves in the Black Mirror universe in a distressed, but close, reception. Return to & # 39; Visions & # 39; e future of 1984. Ironically. In a year, George Orwell collaborated, so that as a shredder for techno-terrorist was not another. First of all, but the second, the programmed game in 1984 was called "Bandersnatch" (later became "Brataccas").

But of course 1984 means especially: soundtrack! Eighties! Smarties-Pop by Kajagoogoo, Eurythmics, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Depeche Mode and Consorts. Who can get enough forever? And it means youth and youth issues. Or in & # 39; case & # 39; e millennials: a carefree, prenatal long-term quilt. Well done on Netflix with "Stranger Things".

Crazy! Colin's game guru is already a father! File: netflix

3. May irony

Good, but marrying too little terribly and sometimes confusingly in & # 39; eyes. The father describes a microsphere as "aliente technology". The psychoanalyst asks Stefan, he thinks he has been removed for secondary education, why he should not be in a more universal universe (yes, we ask excels). He believes himself controlled by one of the future ones. Netflix & # 39; called. Haha, yummy. Advertise for the game "Metl Hedd" depends on the wall of Colins Game Factory – we know the poster of Robo Beetle & # 39; a "Black Mirror" episode "Metalhead". And so on.

"Black Mirror" knows this fat. File: netflix

And the conclusion?

It was an attempt. He failed. Please repeat this way. The design options and the labyrinth there they lead are far beyond what Brooker does to do in the closed ordinary cases of his individual sequins. "Bandersnatch" is a soft-flushed public appeal. Nevertheless, the "Black Mirror" clock is exactly the opposite: The brutal, in their paranoid peoples, is so pleasantly refined debt to all the idealistic or naive (that is often the same thing) Recovery of men and technology.

Until now, people were in the astonishment of the "Black Mirror" and ran out of the closet. How wonderful that was! Episodes such as Black Museum, Nosedive, San Junipero, Be Right, Hated in the Nation, and, and, and. Now? If one could only have a package of unprotected waffles.

Bandersnatch is now running on Netflix.

Hado is the last game of Japan

Video: srf

These prices are in 2018

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The wonderful gadget is just the terrible start. Netflix continues with the virtuosity technique of Charlie Brooker.

The new foreigner in "Black Mirror" is most alien to visiting Google headquarters. This is the genius of the "series", which since 2011 has become the realms of a seemingly trusted, near future in independent one-hour episodes. What happens here is to say. Until the balance of what we believe, we know, shout, shake and change into a superhuman sharp.

"Black Mirror" is as technical as it is technophobic.

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