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The farmer is looking for his wife. "The farmer is looking for his wife." Was shepherd's grass time?


Peasants and candidates are getting closer. Stephan was particularly active and stable. Not for cattle …

For Love: The Latest Episodes "The farmer is looking for his wife.
"One of the farmers showed me how good it was, especially the ones I chose. Some of the couples came closer, but Stephan (40) was the one who did not care.

That's why Stephan Stroh lied around.

The older seasons of "Bauer sucht Frau" can be seen here again.

Stephan was also struggling to impress Steffi (36). In the morning he greeted a hairdresser with a greasy egg and a sausage dish. There he was hugged and kissed. After he taught Bavarian words like "Oachkatzlschwoaf" (squirrel tail), it went to stability. There, the two did not do what he wanted, but they enjoyed it on the straw.

Nonetheless, after a bit of harsh remorse, she literally jumped on her and she was satisfied because she kissed many times. Steffi got to know Stephan's parents, which seemed very positive. She helped her cook. "Joa, very looks," She saw her first impression of Steffi. Finally, Steffi and Stephan put the boat in the middle of the fish pond. In the middle of the fish pond, I went to kiss the beer after work.

At first I eat breakfast and then I work.

Schäfer Dirk (40) also served breakfast to Lena (40). He was "too nervous" toast once roasted in the fire. The second attempt worked, but the smell of the kitchen reminded me of an accident. Then you have to go to the sheep and take your pedicure. This seemed a bit rough, but because Dirk cuts off human fingernails, I was able to reassure Lena, who was threatened by the animal "not really harming."

She did not tempt the sheep because she could not say whistling "just say", but grabbed a little from the harvest of potatoes. Her conclusion: "I think it is very difficult to work in agriculture that way." Dirk's good impression seemed to collapse at this point because she believed that farmers on their farms did not know it was like that. I have to do everything.

"Damn, just stinks"

Danielle, 51, explained sarcastically that Christian cattle, a 56-year-old livestock breeder, "had a stiff smell." But there was a romantic picnic later as a reward for a sandwich. She asked if there was a "butterfly on his stomach" that he replied with "some little things". But they both knew that he was a bit of an asshole and that the butterflies were bigger. Finally, there was a soft peck. "It was a very romantic feeling," Christian said, and Danielle was able to agree. "I want to get peek every day," she excited.

The tractor provided for a short moment of shock. He leaped and tried to teach me how to drive when she was pulling a tractor. Danielle was shocked. But the Christian comforted her and hugged her again.

Matthias saw it twice.

Matthias (23) and Tayisiya (21) visited twin sister Taya. "I meet a lot because my brother is the most important person in my life," said a professional tennis player. She should give a bad impression to a young farmer. Perhaps it will end with a great love. But all that is certain. She loves him very much, and Matthias has "the right charisma." The sisters even joked that Taya should not steal the man. But Tayisiya did not have to worry about it. She has calmed down.

In the evening, Matthias's uncles Bernhard (53) and Annett (43) attended the barbecue at "Bauer sucht Frau". It was definitely a pleasant evening for everyone involved. At the end of the farm week, the two wielded two bikes and Bernhard took Annett as a picnic. He struggled to make a few chunks of heart shaped salami pieces. But what about the two of them? "I want to try it," said Annett and Bernhard. "You are a good mouse," he said.

Namibia's romance

Farmer Jörn (38) wanted to show more life to Oliwia (28) in Namibia and brought him to kindergarten. Without fear of contact, she played with the children and the strip mongoose. He can imagine that she can be a good mother. It was really romantic when he took him to a luxury hotel in Etosha National Park. It was a place where two people could enjoy the sunset. At first Oliwia "did not open speech," but agreed quickly whether he wanted two single rooms or double rooms. "My mind jumped a few octaves higher," Jrn said. I received a hot kiss directly from the room.

The less romantic was the last day of Irmgard, 60, with Andreas of Canada. At first he wanted to ride and teach her and praise her for her wonderful cowboy look, but at last he had to admit that he would not be two. She has feelings for him, Irmgard explained. But Andreas did not play along. He thinks she is "a very liked woman, funny and helpful" but there is a problem. He still has another wife because he made the wrong decision in the barn.

Niels (30), on the other hand, welcomed Laura (20 years old) off the coast of the North Sea and played trumpets with highlights. He shook flowers and flowers at the train station carrying couches in the tractor. I did well because Laura liked to drive a tractor. Over coffee and cake she would then meet Niels' grandmother. Despite the overwhelming silence, Laura probably did not leave a bad impression. The best indication Niels picked right: The cow usually sings a stranger, but in the case of Laura it was direct. He said, "It was just great," when dealing with animals.

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