Tuesday , May 30 2023

The euro falls below $ 1.14.


Frankfurt am Main – Euro started on Monday and there was a slight loss in the new trading week. In the morning, the general call cost is $ 1.1395. By late Friday evening, the euro was still over $ 1.14.

Also, for the franc, the euro has returned a little over the late evening of Friday night. It is trading at 1.1405 since the current 1.1410 franc. The US dollar has risen again at the same level as the franc, and is now 1,0004 francs.

There are only a few economic data that could trigger movements in the financial markets in the beginning of the new week. Although there is a central banker who speaks to the public, there is usually a representative of the second line. First of all, the direction of foreign exchange market should be decided by general market psychology. (AWP / MC / PG)

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