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The 2019 budget is resolved ++ Provincial staff gets more wages ++ SVP merges with tax cuts – Canton (Aargau) – Aargau


The Aargauerbudzjet 2019 is decided. After a total of almost eight hours of debate, spread over two days, the General Council approved Tuesday on the treasuries of the Governing Council with a few changes. 83 parliamentarians said yes, 49 refused the budget.

No votes came from far and right. Both the Greens and the SVP were unhappy and then once in the final vote. Unless various versions of their applications were accepted, both groups can not live with the treasuries. Even if they have determined that the financial policy, such as Aargau, can not be supported by the benefits of future generations, the reasons are, of course, completely different. The Greens would like to have more ecological projects and see such actions against climate change in the budget, the SVP much more special measures to reduce long-term completion. The SVP had already made it clear in the inaugural debate in # Last Tuesday, they rejected the budget. The Greens had at that time removed.

Controlling is the same

In other fakes, however, came the tribute. To & # 39; s end of & # 39; The debate received the Grand Council 1 396 000 francs of the proposal of # The government, which means that the budget 2019 provides a good million euros in profits. The cantonal tax status did not change, SVP's request for rejection by two percent points was rejected by the majority.

At the end, the Greens and SVP were agreed, but shortly before it came a small scandal between the two poles. In & # 39; the extensive discussion on posts in & # 39; The Department of Health and Welfare, Jean-Pierre Gallati, is commissioned by the SVP, focusing on lowering intra-tonal patients into a budget so 17 million francs can be maintained. An application that was considered unrealistic and had no chance, but for the Green Robert Obrist was "out of real loss". His contempt for the costs exploded in health as it was called up to SVP government romance and care partner Franziska Roth. "Make room for a woman who can do it," said the councilor to the councilor. The performance certificate of the health director has failed.

Franziska Roth needs to resign

Franziska Roth needs to resign

Heal today in council # 39 between the government and the governing councilor Roth. According to Robert Obrist, she would not be sufficiently competent.

Already in every year budget debate, the building languages ​​in & # 39; The health sector was an important issue, a year later, nothing changed. Franziska Roth is weak and communicates badly, adds excessively. The Green Party must have its criticism of the General Government, he replied Gallati. It was incomprehensible how the government can afford a budget without resting health costs.

"It is difficult for us to do such uncomfortable discussions by an impossible request," said Jürg Knuchel of SP. He asked the parliamentarian to return to the case. Justice Roth does not respond to the request for resignation. Later, she told M1 that she had a thick skin.

Payments are increased

More likely, the debate came about when it came to the proposal of the State Council on the State Board and the payment increase for administrative staff. The government has presented an increase of 1 percent, the SP has set the request to adapt to 1.8 percent. "The canton of Aargau can not do that entirely," said Regina Lehmann for the SVP. This was asked to hit a whole.

It's not about a good increase, says Marco Hardmeier (SP), but for an inflation adjustment. This does not come into industry and in & # 39; a sector, said Benjamin Giezendanner (SVP). "I can not tolerate the fact that the Grand Council complains about the poor working situations of nationals," Gezendanner said. The FDP and CVP support the request of the Greens, the Greens support you from & # 39; e SP.

The increase in weight is essential, said financial director Markus Dieth. "The application is not exaggerated, we applaud the inflation," said the government. The canton should remain attractive as an employer for motivated employees. The council followed the government and decided to increase by one percent. However, a request from Gabriel Lüthy (FDP) to withdraw plans from the public sector on the basis of the 2019 budget for the plan 2020-2022 was rejected.

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