Friday , January 27 2023

Swiss women threaten to miss the World Cup


The Swiss woman Nati is at risk of missing the World Cup. The Martina Voss-Tecklenburg team is hopeless against the Netherlands in Utrecht and is 0: 3 defeated.

Christian Finkbeiner (Keystone SDA)

In 49 minutes, Switzerland is doing its best to have a good organization and good luck. Then the European Champion hit the ice. Raid Martin (71), central midfielder Sheridan Spitse, headed by 2017 Player of the Year, Vivianne Miedema (79), recorded a restful cushion on Return Reading at Schaffhausen on Tuesday. ,

"That's 80% done," Voss-Tecklenburg said. "We have to be realistic enough." The Germans' stubbornness point was 0: 1 right after the game plan was almost fully up in the first half. Defeat to Wälti Lia was too high a goal. «The third goal was unnecessary, but I will try everything on Tuesday. But use a slightly different tactic »

There was no doubt that the victory of a high-ranking nominee was very valuable. The anger of the mortgage amount was understandable, and the first two goals were never necessary. Keeper Gaëlle Thalmann scored a 0: 1 goal but received a Spitses free-kick from the goalkeeper 20 meters. And at 0: 2 in Mertens, the SFV selection of the game structure is too simple. Géraldine Reuteler was unable to resist for the first time in a duel and found the way to Martens via Shanice van de Sanden.

The Dutch women did not launch aggressive sparks expected from the beginning, but the SFV choice had to follow their luck in five minutes. Jackie Groenen's cross flew out of Martens's chest. Since then, Switzerland has had more opportunities to score thanks to the superiority of the hosts after 30 minutes. However, the last attempt was too precise or the Swiss remained clear from the pressing need.

Heavy absences

The SFV choice was as good as defense for a long time, but innocuous people continued their aggressive efforts. The failure of Lara Dickenmann, the captain of the cruciate ligament, and Ramona Bachmann, who was locked, went heavily. For the lack of alternative – Malin Gut and Viola Calligaris were not injured. Voss-Tecklenburg started the offensive against the teen trio. Reuteler, Alisha Lehmann and Rahel Tschopp came together in the U19 European Championship in the summer but now faced another caliber. It became the European champion in the sold out stadium.

Reuteler and Lehmann had few good scenes and lost a lot of duel, but their debut stage, Tschopp, was positive. FC Luzern's 18-year-old athlete was not too impressed with the scenery and the other side, and brave stood up and continued to demonstrate her technical skills. The attacking midfielder is a promise to the future.

In order to qualify for the second World Cup qualifier after 2015, Switzerland needs a soccer miracle on Tuesday in the second leg of Schaffhausen. Even if Bachmann and possibly Calligaris and Gut come back to the team, it's the first mortgage, but it's heavy. When leaving Voss-Tecklenburg, at least the sold-out stadium would have won the team. Women's soccer was held next to the square, showing that Dutch women in Utrecht were impressive. A good 25,000 spectators and a spectacular stadium gave the European champions a valuable background.

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