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Swiss Nati Certification: The team must be convinced about Belgium – soccer – sport.


There is no last game yet. Then the year of international competition is over. The Swiss against Belgium is called the charming Affiche. Is it reconciliation? Or did the debate and supervision of the quality of the Swiss team suddenly go into injury time? It is more than a good result in the world cup third place match. It is worth looking back to understand it.

A little over a year since the tent between Switzerland and Northern Ireland. It was the beginning of a hard time. The whistle for Haris Seferovic surpassed the Swiss World Cup qualifier. Tears flowed. And Switzerland wondered: what is the relationship between people and soccer players?

Looking back, it is probably when something is gone. It is still unclear what exactly this has led to. What is the national team's achievement? almost. There has never been a series of successes that year, like 2017. The striker Seferovic is the man? He might like to bite here and there. But suddenly there was no chance, so suddenly a storm of anger drove. Puzzles can remain forever.

The focus has disappeared.

2018 starts in Switzerland. I won twice in March. The preparation for the World Cup will proceed as planned. You have not lost Spain. First match with Brazil 1-1. The first big exclamation mark. I think the coronation is over now. The first time in the contest of modern football.

But it happens differently. The year 2018, when a Swiss football player wants to make history, will be a year of collapse. After a great victory against Serbia, the glad sheep head eagle climbs to the center stage. If the focus is lost, entry to the World Cup with Sweden will be frustrated. And as it is still necessary to launch a missile, Secretary General Alex Miescher (now forced to resign) has begun a discussion on whether future dual citizenship of Swiss football will be acceptable.

In just a few weeks I felt that Swiss football was shattering. Communication between Vladimir Petkovic and Valon Behrami is even more impressive. Behrami resigns. Petkovic requires an experimental period of autumn.

Splendid start

The focus is on the question: Can Switzerland be without players like Lichtsteiner, Behrami, Djourou, Dzemaili and Gelson Fernandes? The International Federation must provide the answer.

The prelude is wonderful. 6-0 against Iceland. Rarely addicted. However, the World Cup NFP Finals can not be completed with a fast evening. Nevertheless, it is a very important victory for Petkovic. Since he took office in the summer of 2014, he is under more pressure than this fall.

On the other hand, it is about sports issues. Does he still reach the team? Is he delivering the message? Is he capable of developing a B or C plan? On the other hand it is about external effects. What is the need for a Swiss national coach? Specifically speaking, Petkovic has a sense of humor, but he has successfully transformed into a misunderstanding coach. ,, – Yes, what should I do?

Suddenly ambiguous

Petkovic is obviously always one thing: himself. He does not pretend. He has his principles. And smile. People often feel in the TV room that they do not even care how people perceive him. And perhaps it will soon be his problem.

After months of constant victory, the results have deteriorated considerably lately. Iceland remains an exception. Four defeats in the last six games are on the balance sheet. Impressions for England (0: 1) and Belgium (1: 2) are ambiguous. The performance or result does not protect Petkovic indefinitely. In the background, former FCB boss Heusler and Heitz are engaged in reviewing the structure of the association and external representation. This can lead to an exciting week.

Sunday's game against Belgium suddenly had an important impact on Petkovic. It will be a sort of school that leaves a certificate for his team. Anyway after losing Qatar. One year was so intense that I really wanted one thing. Take a deep breath.

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