Tuesday , June 6 2023

Stefan Leyhe Sails on Podium, Success in Russian History


Stephan Leyhe's huge cheers. To start ski jumper individually, German eagles earn their best and have the best experience. The abbreviation of Russia is at the top.

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Ski jumper Stephan Leyhe started his first commendation in the World Cup winter games. Willinger was defeated only by Wisla Jewgeni Klimow, the first Russian to win the World Cup in Poland. The third is Ryoyu Kobayashi from Japan.

2nd place DSV Adler ranked 9th with Karl Geiger (Oberstdorf) and Olympic champion Andreas Wellinger (Ruhpolding) showed eleventh uptrend. The German team was tremendously strong on the team: David Siegel (Baiersbronn) also ranked 13th and Markus Eisenbichler (Siegsdorf) was 15th.

Richard Frittag (Aue) did not meet expectations for the 22nd time. From a German point of view, only Pius Paschke (Kiefersfelden) did not rank 39th in the second round.

Michael Hayböck missed the World Cup record winner Gregor Schurrenzäuer (Austria) and Simon Amman (Switzerland) in the second round. Aged senior Noriki Aki Kasai who is worse older. The 46-year-old Japanese has already failed to qualify and has not been nominated for a team competition.

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