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SRF must map instead of evaluation – Switzerland: Standard


Swiss television station SRF We must give up on future journalism. Nathalie Wappler, a new SRF director named in an interview with NZZ am Sonntag, said the news story is no longer worth giving but just to describe it.

"We have to create a program that provides information but does not have polarization, and we do not need to make any comments," he said. He said he will be 50 years old, following the chairman of the SRF of Ruedi Matter in the spring of 2019. Wappler, who is currently the program director for the Central German Broadcasting Corporation in Halle, wants to reschedule public services in Switzerland following the "No Billag" vote, which is fiercely competing.

News articles are simply depicted and no longer charged. "If a politician allows the nomination and the journalist gives the impression that he knows better, it will cause a loss of trust," he said. Reporters must tear themselves apart. "It is not a cliche in the form of SVP, it will serve Stumpenraucher." The station has been repeatedly criticized by politicians in the strongest Swiss party.

Ideas for working with individuals

Maintenance of public services should never be inhuman or voyeuristic. And you should not scandal information. "Future TV editor and former SRF cult editor," I do not want to be a rip-roaring title in the future to get as many clicks as possible. Research is about giving them more space.

Wappler is for personal use media Publishers want to work together. The area is full of journalists' joint journals, so small editorial offices can take advantage of SRF's know-how. "The BBC has created a network of local journalists that can be used by a small editorial office, so she reinforces local journalism." Such a model can be interesting in Switzerland, too.

More Series

Wappler wants to strengthen culture and will not reveal any quotations. "Our contribution does not have to be 16 million views on Youtube, but rather how we can measure relevance." Cultural contributions can often be respected over time. Culture conveys value and is important for social cohesion. In the future, the new director plans to produce more series such as "Wilder".

WAPLER says SRF will have to cut 47 jobs in the SRF because it has to save 100 million francs a year since 2019. Where she wants to apply the lever specifically, she did not mention it in the interview. "I will have to make a decision not to please everyone." (Roy / SDA)

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