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"A universe of anecdotes and fantasies full of feathers: a lot of fun": this is an uprising male voice indicated all episodes of "Better or Sex". Since 2016, the German friends Ines Anioli and Leila Lowfire tell the podcast of their finest and worst dating and sex experiences.

They are not the only women who do this. Podcasts boom. in particular
Popular are those that really are a conversation between trust. Secrets and experiences are shared. Firstly sells sex. Anodis and Lowfire's podcast is one of the most successful in & # 39; t German countries. Around 150,000 people listen to each week when they talk about shoe, G-spot, and bar.

At present, both friends talk about blood gulp and saunas. Source: Soundcloud / Better than sex

"We have always been open to everything," says Lowfire. The 25-year-old wanted a photographer. Now she is a model model, moderate, act and dancing in various music videos. "There are bound and open character in both sex," says Lowfire. She accepts the conversation with the "Züritipp" on the street. Anioli carries a couple of minutes later: She was still stuck in a supermarket.

"Anyone looking at it looks like a challenge to get over, probably also his friends to disco-sex high."Ines Anioli, podcaster

The 31-year-old is a radio presenter. In this function, Anioli again and again attends festivals and concerts. So let's break Robbie Williams last year in Dresden to break his performances, so he could draw on their breasts. Anioli is also in – she said – Youtube hooker. At the video film Anioli works on the Canal Olgasays. Theme: Sex.

Anioli has no fear of being alone with her video clip and podcasts: "A man finds himself challenged to get over me, probably his friends to disco sex."

Enough for ten years of podcast

Eventually, Anioli in Instagram was the rumor that she was the German comedian Luke Mockridge. It succeeds in a long term relating to the end of a podcast. "Maybe there are people who have the same sex all their life, but Leila and I like to try new things." Lowfire says: "I can be sure for another ten years. unique aspects and topics that others disagree with. "Who? "I'm not sure, I do not listen to other podcasts," says Anioli.

Condition of content, & # 39; Better than sex does not differ from its competitors (see box): Unreliable conversations break away the incidental taboos. Sometimes the podcast issues that are related to people who are not interested in 'ping-pong' and so are playing. But then the podcast is still a skelter.

"Leila Leila, you have big bells and you know extreme breasts."from the podcast "Better than sex"

For Anioli and Lowfire talk a lot and never talk about shopping. No specialist and no psychologist asked for a classification. Therefore, hearing is a feeling that you know from your youth. Someone you've conquered when listening to the older students who speaks in the school, ask, is it all true and important? Does it matter to me

In short, the podkasters sought an answer to a question that "has left a head of the head": "How do you know if you have a hollow chest?" After reading the mail, Ines Anioli says: "This person is twelve and still very unknown." She then goes to Lowfire: "Leila Leila, you have big bells and you can know well with breasts."

Lowfire and Anioli also talk about their own bodies, such as their breasts. Source: Soundcloud / Better than sex

Anioli and Lowfire compare dairy chestnuts and see how many nails they bring to their breasts and where their nipples are. Failure conclusion: "If you feel that your breasts are cool and do not hang, I just do not listen." Anioli, on the other hand, leaves a breast. Of course, no serious advice. They also do not want to be a mournful monk, says Anioli on the phone.

The friends call in interviews again and again how hysterical they are. And how often it is understood by their fans. So is the poster of today's thought not serious? The question tastes the two. "I do not understand it, we do not wear a few glasses," answered Anioli. "We look at what's perfect with our theme. We have wonderful bodies and want to see them."

As shown by their body: Ines Anioli (l.) And Leila Lowfire. Photo: Christian Hasselbusch / zvg

Currently the duo is on tour: In several German cities as in Vienna and Zurich, the story tells its stories. It does not make the podcast negative. In the last episode, Lowfire and Anioli asked her for a couple of minutes about her "stinking vagina" about their sex data, and asked, "Is a small penis ever greater?" They also talk about performing their ex-pills. friends. Did not you dislike her? "People who hit that we laugh about small shoe, for example, badly," says Anioli. "It's not prohibited to say that a bigger penis makes me better."

Ultimately, she also must say that she pastries with tomato sauce or pasta with cheese. "It's a taste of taste." Just like podcast: Someone forget about & # 39; The so called "Bravo" lecture in the warehouse, others can really help the others to keep themselves and their muscles. Or to say what you want. Seriously.

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