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Serious consequences for an incorrect answer

Santa's move maps to WhatsApp – that's behind it:

Currently there is a new one chain letter on WhatsApp the round. In the following text, the bulk of WhatsApp messages reaches users:

"A little game for you: You come to a room, there are two dogs and three cats lying on the bed, Sinterklaas, a donkey and five rinders are there … Three souls and a small beak have enough … How much feet are in the room when you fall in response, you have to have three photos on Santa WhatsApp for three days as profile profile.

WhatsApp Chain Letter Makes Confusion: Harmless Action or Trap?

The Internet is currently on the riddle of the solution. Many users ask the question, "Do my donations also count?" The surprising question seems like one only true solution The riddle is unrealistic. One possible solution that circling cause is incomprehensible between many users:

"Eight feet are right, two of you, two of Santa and four of the beds, rangers and eagles have hooves, now you have to change the picture of Father Christmas on WhatsApp as a profile picture for three days, and if you do that With your friends, you only see Santa Claus in your contacts. They should not be spoil sport. "

In addition to the resolution of the puzzle, the font bindings also contain a user danger: For it makes a different chain letter around. This warns of fraud with the Santa Claus emoji on WhatsApp. According to the warning, the image of Skeel Claus is protected by law. It was moved to eventually buy WhatsApp users.

And there is something in this warning: WhatsApp users need to make sure that the copyright attitude is unclear. The technology portal mimikama reports, for example, that they have always fallen in 2014 and 2016. According to their report, the users reached the picture of a puddle.

Also by WhatsApp:"Momo Challenge" arrived in France: the police warns parents against success path

Whether it's really a rip off, 100 percent can not be answered. What is certain: Each photo is copyright! The copyrighthaler of an image can theoretically warn WhatsApp users using Santa Claus.

Safe solution: If you participate in the game with Santa Claus Emoji, you must use free pixels of "" or "". tu

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