Monday , January 17 2022

Roger Federer and Anderson are under pressure.


Tennis is actually a very simple sport. There is no tactics. Whoever wins goes round one round and goes home, lost. Everything is a little different only in the ATP final.

Roger Federer is defeated by Kei Nishikori in the opening game and is still in the semi-finals. Conversely, he can retire from London against Kevin Anderson on Thursday evening (9pm).

Federer has one advantage. He will know his starting position. Basel, 37, did not fall into the frequently used phrases and wanted to play with calmness. "I'm not kidding about joking.

If Kei Nishikori wins against Dominic Thiem, who still does not win in the afternoon, Federer should win the sequel to Anderson. Otherwise, Japan will advance to the semifinals.

When Nishikori is defeated, Federer can easily win the game and become a group winner thanks to his direct match with Anderson. If Nishikori Thiem is defeated in the second set, Federer will be a very obvious defeat in progress.

Anderson could retire if Nishikori won 6-0, 6-0 in a match against Thiem, and there was no winning three games against Federer.

"The problem of the head"

Of course, that is not his goal. "The Masters record winner, who failed the first time in the preliminary match, is important to show good play with Kevin." "If that's not enough, that's the way, then I am not qualified to join the semi-finals." Nishikori explained surprisingly and self-deterministically because Sunday's performance with Federer was far lower. It was an attitude.

"You can not feel a knife in the neck with a knife like in other competitions," he said. He felt good all day long. I was just a little angry at the match. "In the first eight games, Kei was very surprised, I had to tell myself: Great, I do not need rhythm, he does it works fine for me, but I was too negative."

He had to remember how big a performance he had in London and in the arena. "I am qualified to play in the 16th game. I thought maybe it was a game but I was disappointed."

The solution to this problem was very simple. Federer canceled his training on Monday and cleaned his head. "No forehand, backhand, or serve was important, it was a head job, and sometimes I needed a break."

On the way back from the hotel he talked to his team late Sunday evening. "The coaches told me that I needed to relax easily then, and I was happy to return to the pitch after a day with my family," he said. And Federer made the same in watermelon.

Revenge for Wimbledon

Regardless of the calculation game, the obstacles of the semi-finals are high. 2.03 m, accurate. Kevin Anderson of South Africa defeated Federer in London when he beat the match at 13:11 in the fifth game and beat him in the Wimbledon quarter-finals. All four previous games have won in Switzerland.

On Tuesday, Anderson completely defeated Nishikori with 6-0 and 6-1. Federer knows difficult things on Thursdays that are not only too difficult for the opponent, but also a very familiar giant.

"Unlike a big assassin like Anderson, you can not win a 6: 2 or 6: 2 victory anyway." "So the goal is to win a straight set of 7: 6, 7: 6, it's important to play positive." And 7: 6, 7: 6 would be enough in every way.

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