Thursday , March 30 2023

"Red Dead Redemption 2": The cowboy epic shows the dilemma of the entire industry.


One thing in advance: "Red Dead Redemption 2" is great. Really. It was unbelievably fun to hunt gangs by train or simply hunt and admire in a beautiful world when you were left behind in the wild western part of the late 19th century. Unfortunately, it is clear that the game industry is unlikely to succeed in achieving the most important balance between hardcore gamblers and occasional gamers.

If you want to saddle for 30 minutes, RDR2 will disappoint you as fans shorten it. Even your own items are more annoying than you are used to in today's games. What looks first: white. You have to drag it into the snowy tutorial area for at least an hour and finally release it with the immense freedom of the rich game world.

The huge game world of modern top titles often makes casual gamers lose.

Pleasantly slow or simply too lame?

And there is very little quick action. RDR2 is much slower than other current titles that have long rides and ripples at first. A conscious decision to add weight to a rare but intense action scene – there will be many more scenes later in the storyline. Having the right time with you is a great fun for the game to lower the tempo.

After all, it goes much better with the atmosphere. But those who rarely play are confused. The fact that he spends a lot of food, bath, and plenty of sleep time in the game to care for his character and gang welfare provides a sense of immersion, but it does not get any better with time issues.

The buttons on the controller are assigned differently depending on the context.

Other elements of the game are likely to appeal to naughty people. Controls, for example, are extremely complex, with buttons assigned to different ranks depending on the context, providing a myriad of possibilities for interacting with the detailed game world. But at first always confused and suddenly threatens innocent people. Suddenly you have to get out of the unintentional shootout with a high installment in front of the sheriff.

If you play longer (preferably in one piece), you get used to complexity and at some point the controller goes into your blood. If you have a few days between 30-minute game sessions, mix-ups will frustrate you. The average buyer should not be aware of the fact that the controller can be fine-tuned from the menu.

Countless ancillary tasks such as poker in a bar are a welcome change for them, simply overwhelming others.

I think the industry is too big.

Rockstar, his problem developer, is not alone. More and more large games with an open gaming world that plays dozens of hours of games are aimed primarily at free time players. Plots are an element of many people, and hidden places, characters and adventures in a huge game world take more and more. If you want quick action, you will be overwhelmed by numerous possibilities.

In the last generation it was still different. Games with more action and Open World games are more clearly separated. For some it was about story, and they were mostly completed by a gambler who had almost no time. Others who were invited to explore were truly charming experiences of the world. Due to new technology possibilities, genres are becoming more and more mixed. A new Tomb Raider game or "Witcher 3" from the current "Assassin Creed Odyssey": it becomes a huge Epic, combining a complex, detailed story with a huge open world. This ensures that you can spend time with the game forever. Someone does not follow the main story stubbornly but loses the thread quickly.

Leisure stories

Some games force you to deal with sideline work. In Assassin's Creed Odyssey, there is only one chance in a certain area when the appropriate level is reached. This is with the net expiration of the main story but can hardly be made. Even if you use "The Witcher 3", you have to deal with a lot of extra work.

The mood improves because of the slow pace.

"RDR2" is fun, so you can perform main operations if you want. Unfortunately, the game does not always tell you the story missions you really need and the story misses you do not. But even the people who do the main story have a lot of work to do. If you do not get distracted by countless side-effects such as hunting, raids, gambling, or casual stories on the streets, there's a good 60-hour story in the game. If you have to work or live at home, it will take a lot of time. Therefore, the emotional ending must be seen in part of the athlete. Actually, I'm sorry.

Play time based on purchasing

The backdrop of a steadily more vast game world, with the willingness to create something bigger, requires that some of the buyers feel the pleasure of the game for a long time. This is also understandable: people who can spend a few hours every day in the game, will be entertained for a long time with new huge works. The casual player comes under the wheel.

Manufacturers rely on the same. Anyway, making such a large project profitable. Ambitious games such as "Red Dead Redemption 2" cost hundreds of millions of dollars and should of course be returned to the safe. Therefore, the main character, Arthur Morgan, feels in every advertising pillar. But in the long term this can have adverse effects. If a casual player is repeatedly suppressed by a gigantic game, you may not be able to buy it anymore. A new FIFA or fast rap "Fortnite" can finally be enjoyed much more easily. And the pile of unfinished games will not get smaller.

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