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Rabies – travelers must be vaccinated.


Briton traveled to Morocco when she was bitten by a cat. He died of rabies a few weeks later because he could not get treatment soon enough. This was announced by the British Public Health England Health Service and urged travelers in Asia and Africa to observe immunization recommendations.

People who travel in dangerous areas and need to be vaccinated

Mad cow disease still occurs in about 100 countries, including Asia, Central and South America, Africa and Eastern Europe. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are many cases in which 49,000 rabies deaths have not been reported annually. Rabies are always fatal. It attacks the nervous system, especially the brain, and causes paralysis and death. There is a very effective vaccine, but it should be used before symptoms appear.

Symptoms of rabies

At first, symptoms that are almost uncharacteristic include headache, loss of appetite, and sometimes fever. Then there are fear of water and aggressive depression or paralysis. Untreated patients fall into a coma and die at least 7 days later. The incubation period varies from 20 days to 70 days. Mad Cow disease can escape in a few days or a year.

Germany has been considered a rabies-free condition since 2008.

Since 2001, a total of six rabies have been transmitted to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). A man recently died after bite on a single animal in Morocco in 2007. All patients were infected overseas.

Rabies are transmitted through saliva.

Animals infected with rabies can infect saliva as well as humans and other wildlife or livestock. Because rabies or lyssa viruses are highly adaptive, mammals are rarely safe.

However, the mere contact of rabies animals does not lead to the former. Even if the animal's saliva touches the skin, pathogens can penetrate only with minor injuries such as scratches and abrasions. Most transmissions are done by asking.

Especially in Africa and Asia, there is a high risk of infection.

The risk of rabies is much greater when you travel to Asia or Africa, especially stray dogs or cats. Always pay special attention to wildlife. The so-called rabies is called rabies, because it can be an indication of the most well-known form of the disease. The animals often bubble in their mouths and typically do not act. The function of nerve cells in the brain is interrupted by viruses. In addition, there are silent rabies that cause less obvious symptoms in animals such as paralysis. Therefore the rules are as follows: Do not keep animals away from unknown animals.

What should I do after bite?

Immediately after contact with a prominent animal, immunization should be given. This also applies to people who have been immunized.

Rabies vaccination

In order to be immunized, a total of 3 doses are required for 28 days and must be re-vaccinated after 12 months. Preventive vaccines ensure the reliability of rabies but last about 5 years. People who have been contacted or bite with rabies animals but have not received any vaccinations should receive 5 to 6 doses of vaccine. Antisera are also injected (passive vaccination). Vaccination should be done within the first hour after vaccination.

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