Wednesday , December 1 2021

Question mark at Red Bull on Mercedes performance


At the Turkish Formula 1 GP, Mercedes shines again with enormous engine power. At Red Bull, people are starting to doubt whether everything is going well.

the essences in brief

  • Red Bull Racing is beginning to have doubts about the legality of the Mercedes engine.
  • At the Turkish GP, the performance advantage of the Silver Arrows was particularly clear.
  • Red Bull has also asked the FIA ​​for clarification.

Since the Silverstone GP, Red Bull has been monitoring Mercedes’ engine performance. At the Turkey GP of Formula 1 it becomes clear again why: On the right, the Silver Arrows are sometimes terribly faster.

Who will become the Formula 1 world champion?

Red Bull motorsport adviser Helmut Marko was skeptical of the Turkish GP. “We need to think about something, because Mercedes is on the right track so quickly,” the Austrian says of “ORF”.

“They are almost 15 km / h faster – as if they were driving with DRS,” says Marko. The rear wings of Mercedes were not flattened in Turkey in the rain, so it must be because of the engine. “It’s been like this since Silverstone, and the gap is only getting bigger.”

Another motorcycle trick in Formula 1?

The performance advantage causes some frowns at Red Bull. “We do not know where this engine’s superiority comes from – and what we should do with it. We need to further optimize our chassis to compensate for that a bit. “

However, it is said that Red Bull has also made representations for the Formula 1 rulers. Since the Silverstone GP, Mercedes has been monitoring GPS data, especially in the acceleration phase. One also thinks that they have found what they are looking for.

Therefore, it is said that Mercedes has found a trick with the intercooler to tickle more power from the turbo at low speed. So far, however, nothing has been proven of the Silver Arrows.

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