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Please upload a new enemy picture! – News culture: Theater


Potions require bad ingredients. The current children's theater in Schauspielhaus, in "Wunschpunsch" Christoph Blatter Mixed pure water. The evil magistrate, Irrwitzer, brews among other things the resemblance of the old Federal Council (Brothers, Old Federal Council) that causes environmental destruction.

It is a short scene of a humorous piece of work that sent lots of applause from the premiere. What is more unnecessary is corruption of the SVP politician. In part of the cultural scene Blocher still seems to be the next best thing. It is a kind of reflection image that is reflected from the hat to produce the perpetrator. In any case, he is right-wing, business-friendly, and briefly collects anchor pictures. It is the opposite of the theater as a reactionary spirit and a refuge of high culture.

It is doubtful that bloggers are struck by children's theaters.

The device Blocher comes to Thomas Hirschhorn, in the sense of art, as a cross. In the play, the artist pissed the actor with a puppy pose on Blocher's picture. It was a big thing in 2004. Switzerland discussed how far stimulation and provocation in art could go.

The "Entköppelung" at 14 and Neumarkttheater is particularly suspicious of Blocher-Bashing, especially in children's play. On the other hand, if a 7-year-old recognizes an old politician, it is limited to edification. But "provocation" is also a self-assurance movement because it is unlikely that there will be many SVPs to potential customers because it is likely to target parents.

Of course, the play should follow politically. But it should not be too awkward.

But above all, stubborn cultural stereotypes have been identified. The taxpayer's money makes you fool yourself who does not match your political views. Of course, the play should follow politically. But it should not be too awkward. Otherwise, there is no need to be surprised if there is pressure on the cultural institutions.

Needless to say, acting on that: Blocher in the template for the 1989 drama of Michael Ende does not happen. But literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki appears to be a meaningful "book lover". Reich-Ranicki wrote in a column that he never read the book and never read it. Christina Rast Blocher's "wish punch" coach says Reich-Ranicki is replacing "public and local figures with similar recognized values." Rast became a system shredder upon request from a book shredder. It may be criticized or questionable, but humor should do so. Otherwise it will be a bad sign for Swiss democracy.

You can see it that way, but without precise knowledge of the book presentation, the Nagger context will not open. In particular Blocher fits heavily on fragments dealing with immoral polluters. Although he could blame the SVP strategist from the left, he was never able to distinguish himself as an environmental polluter. Schauspielhaus Suggestions: Forget Blocher and ignore Donald Trump's climate change and brew evil potions. This is not very original, but at least it is consistent. Trump can even recognize children.

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