Thursday , June 17 2021

Pierre Maudet joined Petra Gössi

Pierre Maudet (FDP confirmed in talks with Sonntag newspapers that he only wanted to be condemned before he attacked Party President Petra Gössi.

In spite of recent and criminal encumbrances, the Geneva Governor Pierre Maudet (FDP) re-interviewed "SonntagsZagtung" and "Le Matin Dimanche" in a democracy. "As a politics, I must be a model, but not inexplicable."

In August 2018, the Geneva Public Citizens' Initiative accepted criminal proceedings against the liberal advocate for delay of benefits. Investigations into the Council meeting, which it has probably been defeated by the affair, are linked in 2015 with a luxury trip to Abu Dhabi.

"Out of respect for voters"

"If you take democracy and the rule of & # 39; rights seriously, you are not just going to respect your elections before your judgment goes," said the 40-year-old ex-federal candidate. Politicians need people who are willing and able to learn hard arguments.

Maudet criticizes in Petra Gössi's chat talks, which says it's no longer his resignation. Its demand for resignation "made the impression that the party would fall on their elected representatives at the first" difficulty ". The party must support its politicians until a possible debt is proved.

Focus on other places

His party does not have to make the problem any worse by keeping up with him and his case, said the father of three. "How big would the damage be if I removed six months and the party forced me to appear?"

Maudet criticizes that after twelve years in government, he is now being judged on a false judgment and a light. "I was late, and I would never have accepted the trip to the Emirates. And of course, my confidence has lain. But after my opinion, I did not penalize anything." would be.

While the FDP Switzerland calls the democracy of the Geneva State Council, the party was & # 39; a side of Geneva Cantonal behind Maudet. The members confided on Tuesday in an extraordinary meeting with 341 yes to 312 never with 56 matches. Party chairman Alexandre de Senarclens, who worked on & # 39; a Maudet resignation, wakes up because of the voice. (SDA)

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