Friday , May 7 2021

Petra Vlhova separates herself from her successful coach

Petra Vlhova from Slovakia poses after winning the women's overall crystal ball at the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup finals, in Parpan-Lenzerheide, Switzerland, Sunday 21 March 2021. (KEYSTONE / Gian Ehrenzeller)
Petra Vlhova won the World Cup last season.


Petra Vlhova was crowned ski queen last winter with the big crystal ball. Her coach Livio Magoni also played a big role in the success. Now the Slovak ends the collaboration with the coach. Was there a flippant who said that the Italian was fired?

With victory in the World Cup, Petra Vlhova reached her next milestone in her career three weeks ago. In the hour of her greatest triumph, however, she was disappointed by her own coach of all men. But a few days after the big ball party, Livio Magoni expressed himself contemptuously about the Slovak.

In an interview with the “Corriere della Sera”, the Italian yelled at his countrymen Marta Bassino, Sofia Goggia and Federica Brignone, describing them as “ski diamonds”. Magoni had far fewer compliments for her own athlete. “Compared to her, Petra is an iron,” says the coach.

Magoni’s comparison with the Slovenian Tina Maze also struck Vlhova with incomprehension. «Tina is complete – both as an athlete and outside of sports. This site does not exist at Petra. “With Magoni on his side, Maze won the World Cup eight years ago.

Vlhova reacted irritatingly to Magoni’s comments, writing on Instagram that they had met “at a time of absolute joy”. But she wants to talk to the coach first before jumping to the wrong conclusions. Magoni meanwhile retorted, explaining that he did not mean it at all negatively: “I used a special Italian expression to say that Petra has iron legs and not that she is like an iron.”

So is it all just a misunderstanding? Possibly. But on Tuesday night, Vlhova announced on Instagram that she and Magoni will go their own ways in the future.

However, there does not appear to be any bad blood. Vlhova thanks for “a fantastic five years with Livio, during which I learned a lot”. She is very grateful for the time, energy and perfectionism that the coach always has for example. “One door closes and thousands of others open. We just have to find out what is good for us, ”says the 25-year-old. “This time our doors are not the same. Thank you Livio Magoni. “

Magoni admits mistakes

The trainer himself also has a say in the article. Also he thanks for the “wonderful and unbelievable five years with an excellent athlete who believed in me and my methods”. And Magoni also admits mistakes: “Sorry for all my mistakes in these five years, but I guarantee you I did everything and gave what I had.”

In addition to the World Cup, Vlhova won the small slalom ball and six World Cup medals with Magoni, including gold in the 2019 giant slalom in Are. Whether the iron saying ultimately was decisive for the divorce will probably remain a secret.

Vlhova has not yet determined a successor to Magoni. Whoever it may be: He will have to be measured by the successful work of the Italian and accept a correspondingly difficult legacy.

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