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Michael Schumacher: Mick rides Papi & # 39; s latest Ferrari World Cup

In the weekend it is time again: A Schumacher runs in & Ferrari on & # 39; a Hockenheimring ran.

The name Schumacher and Hockenheim fit that. Formula One legend Michael Schumacher (50) has raced 14 times on legendary racetrack. He won four times (1995, 2002, 2004, 2006), twice when he was second, once a third. Creates a total of 67 championship points, more than any other pilot in Formula 1 history.

And so, the eyes must be big when foamy son Mick turns one round on each of his father's Ferrari F2004 on Saturday before they qualify and on & # 39; e Sunday before the race. In the car in which Schumi was 15 years ago for the seventh world champion. "I'm looking forward to it," says Mick at the "charity game's sideline" in favor of & # 39; the founding of his father at the forthcoming demonstrations. "It will be very emotional and very special."

«All records until now»

It will also be special to the old Formula 1 champions – not just to be the last Formula One race ever in a legendary Motodrom. "The F2004 was a fantastic car that celebrated fifteen GP victories and two world titles in a season that can be described as the culmination of a golden era," says F1 F1 boss Ross Brawn today.

Also Schumi jr. is aware of the size of the moment. "It's a car that has broken all records so far," says Mick, who's coming to & # 39; for breaking Formula 2 in the weekend of Hockenheim. "It will be very interesting to feel how & # 39; t one car responds. It'll be funny." When will it be in a race in a current F1 car? "Hopefully soon."

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