Friday , January 27 2023

Leverkusen Jazz Day: Wincent Weiss fascinates audiences at first.


Leverkusen –

Yes, of course: when you start a discussion, you can start over. We discuss whether this is still jazz. People like this 25-year-old Wincent Weiss have to find this internationally renowned jazz festival. After all, he's just playing pop and playing jazz with little strange outsourcing of genres like Soul or Funk.

The first fans waited 12 hours before the concert began.

And how is a man in white shirts and black, tight-fitting jeans now called? You can also challenge the inauguration of the festival. Then he attracts dozens of young girls, most of whom are already at the entrance 12 hours before the first sound. After all, it starts with the song "Do not wake me up" in the front row. Finally, it has a free smartphone camera track from a smart singer known by the strange bee that is closest to it and portrayed as "Germany looking for a smart star" and a steep internet clip.

Jazztage prelude: The first row of young audiences and happy.

Jazztage prelude: The first row of young audiences and happy.

For example Olela's Daniela, Bonn's Alica, Wermelskirchen's Lidia and Paula are concert touring groups and according to Daniela have already done more than 20 performances. "If he runs in the city, we can drive in two or three hours, and we will be there," says the young student. Leverkusen entered the grid.

Chocolate, chips, and gummy bears are in front of the chocolates in front of the chocolates to avoid falling for a long day waiting for Wincent-Weiss-Bang. And at the entrance, consistently acting in two rows is set. One of the organizers' card receivers, "Jazz Days eV." "We do not know the rules of many adult visitors," the statement said.

Loud cry

When we start, we scream out loud, and Wincent Weiss goes downstage in the second "Right Center" and sings in the middle of the audience. Later, a huge balloon flies into the crowd. When they burst, white-white colored paper flows through the air. After the performance, the floor looks like a snowy landscape. The wave and wink game starts with the flash function of the fan phone. Wincent Weiss is so loud and violent that it booms and barks, and looks after love, craving and love anyway.

Almost two hours later, the lights turn back on and parents and grandparents can still ask questions about jazz content whenever they bring their children and grandchildren. But you can easily see what a wonderful, sincere show is in front of nearly 1800 people. Cool and enthusiastic music fans have a lot of fun to enjoy the cool atmosphere. What kind of environment is there for the start of this festival that survived due to such a concert?

And you can continue to use one: young people of the same type as Wincent Weiss are introduced to music. Someday someday about jazz. And that's good. very good.

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