Tuesday , October 26 2021

Klopp shakes because of Neymar and PSG


Liverpool loses 1-1 in the Champions League round off Paris Saint-Germain. Reds trainer Jürgen Klopp rides.

"The fact that Paris won was not fired," says Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp. "You can lose in Paris, many teams have already done so for us." This is done with the close analysis of German language. Klopp is destroying, especially by the PSG players – and great.

"Look, I have a problem with that. The punishment for us is great discussions, although I have seen from my distance that it was clear to Christianity," Klopp said. "And then Verratati upset me for Gomez's eyes, we get 5.6.7 yellow for holding it and this foul punishment is punished with the same map, Wow, that's crazy!" In Fear, Verrati would be # 39; s entrance on tibia-height would be by Polish referee Szymon Marciniak.

"See as a butter"

However, the coach Reds, in particular, are the deposits of PSG players, especially Neymar. "Neymar is still a leader, especially Neymar, and they're going to die and they'll be back in the next moment.

Liverpool was three times in the row the fairest team of # a Premier Leauge. "But today, we see as a slayer," says Klopp.

What the Germans should not deny: Once brutally, the soccer ball has its first half in # 39; e Parc de Prins. Since Parisians are faster, faster, more often, and reached by Bernard and Neymar their goals, leading to the victory. The punishment received from Milner shortly before the break remains the last goal of the day.

In the 2nd tale – with Xherdan Shaiqri of minus 77 – Liverpool has more of the game, but it found punch. No third in England needed a final group match against Napoleus leaders (1: 0 or two goals away) to win over in # 39; to win the premier league.

PSG is second to Liverpool to defeat and the foreigners of Belgrade in their last match. Thomas Tuchel is very pleased with the 2: 1 against compatible Klopp: "We have been defensively defenseless, it was important to see Liverpool be able to fight." What does that mean? (Klu)

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