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"I know what is good for my child": So the first day of the trial ran around the dead girl of the city


Three years ago, the police found a dead girl in a home in Staad. The two-year-old kid apparently had been greatly neglected. Since Tuesday, parents have been in St. Galla in court.

Regula Weik

They deny having neglected their daughter: the accused father and the accused mother yesterday in court. (Illustration: Sibylle Heusser)

They deny having neglected their daughter: the accused father and the accused mother yesterday in court. (Illustration: Sibylle Heusser)

The two accused also use the lunch break to represent their legs. They mix among the passers-by in the streets of St. Galler Old Town. An unobtrusive couple. The man wearing jeans and a dark jacket, the hood he has hit, a cigarette in his mouth. The woman has a scarf around her neck, wearing a black trousers and a white-black jacket. She also lifted her hood. Underneath this, there is a black, glittering cap with stones. She keeps it all day long.

The two still in the big hall of the St. Galler Canton Court. They are in suspicion of neglecting their little daughter until she died. On Tuesday, the two were in court for intentional killing.

The precedent burdened him. He could not handle the death of his daughter, the accused father had given a protocol on the Judicial Survey in the morning. "I had to push her death on the side – because of the whole stress." The man has a strong voice, he speaks plainly – mostly at least. Word will then be when it comes to its alleged cocaine consumption and its proximity to the Hells Angels. "I do not want to say anything about that."

Schweigsam, sometimes weary, will also, when it comes to his family, his likewise accused life partner and the common daughter. She was found in the summer of 2015, almost two years old, dead at her parents' home in Staad.

"I would never leave my daughter alone for a minute alone."
Accused father

The accused is 55, logistics. At the end of 2014 he lost his job. Since 2017, he again has a job, with a salary of 30 francs, no fixed position. "I do not go to the social office," he says.

On the question of the chairman of the court, as he learned about his life partner and mother of the common child, he replied: "About her services she offered. I posted her. "So a prostitute? "No," the accused tortured. "It was a escort service." He later said that "his main job was a thorn in the eye".

Want drug use
the accused do not know anything

The child was not a favorite kid. "It was a spiral accident." But he behaved correctly. They had shared custody together. However, his life partner was only willing to admit that he did not "interfere with the education". "She was the boss in the house." He did not have the impression that she did not handle the child. He was still working fully at first. But on the weekends he was for the daughter, even in the holidays they were traveling with her.

Later, he will say he wants to fulfill his father's role right afterwards, then "if the daughter started to talk and talk." Blame he had taken care of little about his daughter, he said. He would never leave her alone at home alone. And, she was in her eyes kerngesund.

"Good story counters"

It is different from the public prosecutor. The daughter had been neglected. The parents would have left home alone for hours. They did not have the baby's kidney nutritionally neglected and neglected his physical hygiene. So, even a half-sister of the child refused to attend the weekend's visits to stay in the same room – "because it's so stinky." The mother will later reject this. Your children are "good storytellers". She has three more children who do not live with her.

The accused is 35, German, housewife, divorced. She has been working for many years as a prostitute, until the wishes of the free are ever more abusive. Then she has two more studios and an escort service. So she also met the father of her deceased daughter. He ordered them "over the phone". She laughs. After birth, she almost cared about the child.

Did she not realize that her mother had brought her to the granddaughter? She denies. She did not talk to her for weeks. On the question of the court president, why she did not consult a doctor with her baby, she replied: "I have my dear mother with pediatrician." And:

"I still have mother instinct. I know what is good for my child. "

Her daughter was healthy and normal.

The prosecutor draws a completely different picture. Parents have neglected the toddler and have been sharpened more and more – "to cover his crass alone" in order to avoid any critical issues. They would always have their light around their environment. Parents' lives also turned primarily back to the hard drugs after the birth of the daughter. And not for the child. Their explanations are "pure assertions, adventurous and contradictory." The two had consumed cocaine. Almost daily.

The accused had met in his "dealer" for six months, mostly in Rorschach. Overall, he had bought nearly three kilograms of cocaine within the last three years – worth 180,000 Swiss francs. Two kilo he had consumed, given a kilo of his mother – free of charge. The mother knew that her drug use was endangering the little daughter in her development, so the public prosecutor. She took this into account – and continued to be consumed during pregnancy, during the

Long-term jail sentence

"I looked good at my daughter. I would like to turn back the time, "says the mother slyly in court. When she saw the child last living, she said, "On the evening of June 25th." On June 26, she found the child dead. She was "full of fear and panic". That's why she did not say anything to anyone, even to the father. She then packed a suitcase, mattress and child packed into the suitcase and brought it into the basement. Later she took the child out of the suitcase again. "I was scared to eat it in the cellar." She got dressed fresh and warm and packed in the suitcase.

According to the prosecutor's office, the child has to have several days in the hot roof room. Only days later, the mother had packed her daughter's already strongly wounded body into a suitcase and hidden in the cellar behind a potato crayfish. There the police found it.

The prosecutor's request for a mother for intentional killing, violation of the need for care and education, and multiple allegations against the drug abuse law was a 10.5 year sentence, for a father a 8-year sentence of sentence. The process will continue on Wednesday with the Plädoyers of Defense.

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