Sunday , May 16 2021

Heidi Klum with his favorite Tom and Bill Kaulitz – Swiss illustrated

Really, it just has to have a delicious Christmas crystals. But Heidi Klum's latest Instagram post is red-hot for its fans. Too many nipple and bird, they render in reactions.

"This is just wandering," commented an enthusiastic Heidi Klum from the last Insta picture of the model Mama. No one meant Heidi himself, but her brother-in-law in special Bill Kaulitz. The 29-year-old gives a cloak in the photo, which seems like skin.

And all out of & # 39; followers of & # 39; The 45-year-old debate. Tokio hotel fans defend their idio on the last night. Everyone who thinks that Bill's jacket is a real hammer is perhaps remarkable: "Bill is a beast-lover, he would never do it, he just lacks!" Write a trailer.

"So everyone has to bother"

The participants do not have to worry, Tom and Bill Kaulitz smile smile in camera while they sit on # 39; knees at the Samichlaus and behind her Heidi Klum appears in lenses. With so many christmas killed killed everyone, that has the brush of # four months on & # 39; He made and tries to jump from the blouse.

Photo gallery: The stars are already in the Christmas feast

Or was it all interested? One user pulls it nice: "Heidi heil, the perfect picture Tom and Bill as children on Santa Claus skies, injured by your peers. Bills (art) for the rights activists and a bottle bottle for the jammed. everyone has blasphemy. "

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