Friday , October 22 2021

Group View Function Now Available for All Pages and Profiles


From now on people and places around the world have to start watch parties. In addition, this is only possible in groups.

The waiting party of Facebook must be available on each site and for each person. With a Watch Party you can watch movies and share their content in real. Someone, world around the world must ensure that parties can immediately see friends with a video they look at & # 39; The timeline of Facebook, as the company announced in a blog post evening.

In addition, watch parties could only be possible in groups. Facebook tested this service at the beginning of # 39; the US and put it in the summer in the summer.

Since the beginning of January 2012, there have been more than 12 million watch parties in groups, or product managers Matt Labunka and Eric Price write in a blog post.

In addition, a few new features are added. Thus, sites and groups can plan a party for a plan. It should also be easier to find festive occasions. Comments to make it possible to make guidelines. Additionally, Facebook adds daily comment "That gives a host to live within a waiting party to share reactions while posting videos," or the blog post continues.

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Buzzfeed Watch Watch (Links) and a Watch Party with Life Commentary from YouTuber Tessa Netting
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