Saturday , January 22 2022

Good winter season for Parahotellerie Switzerland in sight


The Swiss parasitic benefit of the current uptake in tourism. Most members of the business report report increasing sales and bookkeepers This is both at the end of the summer and at the beginning of winter season.

Especially in Germany, the number of guests increases compared to the past, such as the IG Parahotellerie Switzerland on Monday. However, there is also a small downgrade to complain: The length of stay of guests is to shorten in & # 39; tendency.

An example of the development is the numbers of the house rental Interhome, which is part of the tour operator Hotel Plan. For the coming winter season, the annual CEO of the company, Roger Müller, recalls an annual increase of 12.2 percent reservations.

Especially busy are the two weeks of Christmas and New Year, which was 30 percent last year last year. Wachtwach is uniform in all Switzerland regions. Interhome concludes the summer of 2018 with a replacement of 11 percent compared to 2017.

The device of Reka is also characterized by a plus for the winter. Currently, sales are 7.8 percent higher than at the same time last year, according to communications. In the summer, Reka eventually had a plus of 6.1 percent.

TCS Camping and Bed and Breakfast Switzerland also looks back on a positive summer. Only at the Swiss Youth Hostels disappeared the number of nights in the period – and one percent.

The minus can be explained first by closing a hostel in Ticino in the fall of 2017, Fredi Gmür, director of the Swiss Youth Hostel and President of IG Parahotellerie Switzerland. But he is now hoping for a strong winter 2018/2019.

According to the countries of origin, Italian guests are in particular – in contrast to the Germans – reported a clear expiry, such as Bed and Breakfast Switzerland. The number of natural guests of Switzerland meanwhile enlarged a bit.

IG Parahotellerie Switzerland includes Reka, Interhome, TCS Camping, Swiss Youth Hostels and Bed and Breakfast Switzerland. (SDA)

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