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Goldman Sachs supports commodities this year – the reasons 22/1/19

2018 was not a good year for commodities. Political ignorance and the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve set turbulent market developments. But this can probably change in 2019, Goldman Sachs bankers are certain.

Trade contracts, Brexit, Rising Interest Rates – 2018 were marked by a series of events that have no influence on their brand. Especially the gold price was below the circumstances. But, according to Jeff Curries, Goldman Sachs' director of commodities, this year may change.

Fourth reason for commodities

In an interview with CNBC, the commodities expert explained that the investment bank companies are like oil or gold is positive. And there are several reasons for this: "First, the rising rates are [durch die Fed] No more, "said Curries, saying that the Fed is pausing for a break in a dollar, and a weak dollar may, according to Curries, make oil attractive to many investments.

Furthermore, the expert also teaches the reduction of finance that is decided by OPEC in December. With – one another with Chinese economic growth and the relevant powerful oil issues, they would lead to rising prices. All night alone, oil prices were up by three percent to be known that the funding cuts could be accompanied by a shortage of demand.

Also gold with potential in 2019

However, the situation is still marked by economic and political uncertainties, which can continue in 2019 in the US and in Europe. In this case proven gold for so many investments, according to the experts. In addition, the emerging wealth of India's middle class in China and China is also the precious metal. To top it all, is the purchase of gold jewelry and the use of gold in technology.

Gold has always been a safe haven for many investments in times of crisis. However, the costly metal was a lot in 2018. The reason for that is also the interest rate of & # 39; an interest from the US Fed, which sells interactive investments more attractive in comparison to gold. But in December, the FED announced that in 2019 only two elevations would be in sight, not three. This will, according to a number of experts, press on commodities and give them a reply in the new year.


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