Tuesday , June 6 2023

Geneva is currently investigating CS.


Credit Suisse is a problem in Geneva. The three-year survey of small-scale asset managers is now expanding into larger banks. "Credit Suisse dismisses any criminal liability and defends the allegations stubbornly," a company spokesman said on Tuesday. Previously, various media reported events.

TG Investment Services, Jeddah's investment manager, has been credited to Credit Suisse's role as a custodian bank and has gained millions of customers like "Tages-Anzeiger" (Tuesday edition). The asset manager was founded in 2008 by a former CS banker who had a good relationship with Turkey and attracted wealthy customers.

However, as the Turkish Lira collapsed in 2013, its customer base dropped. In order to place an order with Credit Suisse, TG Investments has forged a customer signature. When a customer found a problem with his position and asked the bank, he reported to the money laundering office in 2015. The boss of a small company confessed. They wanted to make up for losses but did not want to enrich themselves. The damage is about 150 million francs.

Claim of systematic defects

The process is currently extended to four Credit Suisse employees, one of which is currently in the bank. They deny any conspiracy.

Because the precautionary measure was not enough to prevent crime such as money laundering, the bank itself should also be responsible for organizational defects. According to Bloomberg News, the prosecution is focusing on 40 cases of 50,000 transactions between 2009 and 2015.

As it is well known, former asset manager blamed Gen. Bhandina Ivanishvili, former secretary of state, who smuggled 100 million francs into Geneva, to harm Russian customers. According to previous media reports, a former banker who acknowledged 99% of the credit card frauds credit Suisse's monitoring system. In September 2015, the lab found a deception.

By the way, Ivanishvili did not take sufficient security precautions in early 2016, so we must file a criminal complaint against the bank.


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