Sunday , April 18 2021

Freed Magazine | Karl Lagerfeld misses his own Chanel show

From morning at 11 am, Chanel was & # 39; show a first of two models in Haute Couture. At the end of the performance, 85-year-old Karl Lagerfeld did not come as usual to look at & # 39; A public, but after Virginie Viard, his long-acting man and trust, along with Model Vito Cerretti. In a message from Chanel he says that Karl feels the meal, but would appear on the second 13 clock show. But there, too, stayed away from the & # 39; a Parisian Grand Palace, it was decorated with an Italian villa and a real swimming pool as the setting.

According to comments on "Womens Wear Daily", Chanel said of Virginie Viard, creative director, and Eric Pfrunder art director, he will continue to work with Karl Lagerfeld to develop collections, see books, and campaigns with him.

One wonders what the great Karl Lagerfeld lacks. The German, now known as Coco Chanel itself, is the designer of Chanel's home for just 36 years, where he is responsible for all ready-to-wear, eye-catching, resorts and high-end shops. collections. Earlier, unexpectedly, Karl's failure had not come today: he had to show in October and December last two models supported, reported on it and his possible successor.

Let's hope the 85 year old is getting better soon.

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