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Framework agreement: Switzerland in the EU case

Christoph Blocher at a rally in September 1995 in Zurich. Image: KEYSTONE

Switzerland in the European Case: Why the SVP has won

The Swiss
Negotiators have an advantageous framework agreement with the EU
out. Nevertheless, it may already fail in the Federal Council. The
SVP has made a reasonable Europe debate impossible.

Probably the last one
Rescue attempt failed on Tuesday. Three federal councils
(Alain Berset, Ignazio Cassis, Johann Schneider-Ammann) met
with the social partners about the negotiated
Framework agreement with the
EU to consult. That's the least chance
A breakthrough did not materialize. The unions
held pickel hard on the flanking measures, and also the
Business representatives were skeptical.

It will always be
more likely, the framework agreement is already in the federal council
will fall, perhaps even in the session of Friday.
Foreign Minister Cassis may only be on Schneider-Ammann and Doris
Leuthard, both of which are separated from the office. The SP members
Alain Berset and Simonetta Sommaruga should agree
fundamentally advocate. But it means they fear one
Defeat in parliament or at the latest in the referendum.

The attempts to rescue Ignazio Cassis, Alain Berset and Johann Schneider-Ammann were in vain. Image: KEYSTONE

Are unjustified
Such anxieties do not, for in fact, politics predominates
negative feedback. The largest party in the country is anyway
from principle to any kind of approach to the European
Union. After the clash for her self-determination initiative at
Last Sunday, a crisis of the SVP was in some media

The SVP inconsistency

In fact,
The party has been in the mold for a while. And yet the SVP has
won, and triumphal. She has her ascend from her
Junior partner in the federal council for clear number one ensured,
that a reasonable discussion on foreign and European policy in
Switzerland has become as impossible as possible. An example is this
UN Migration Pact.

He became a topic
Only when the SVP opposes a media conference from all the pipes
fired. Afterwards, the mid-politician tipped around. In the
ongoing session will advise the Migration Pact in Parliament and
completely sunk or pushed to the long bank. That's annoying,
in the face of resistance in other countries but no tragedy.

It's quite different
in the Framework Agreement. His content is secret, yet there are details
 leaked. They let you close it "Some
Negotiating success of Switzerland »
, as the NCZ writes.
European Secretary of State and Chief Trader Roberto Balzaretti
It seems to have been successful in Brussels
to get out.

We declare you the institutional framework agreement

Video: Lea Senn, Angelina Graf

Accordingly, the
Framework agreement on the five most important market access agreements
remain limited. In the "dynamic" acquisition of
EU law gets more time for Switzerland. And even some
Flanking measures can be maintained, though in
abusive form. This will make the registration deadline for foreigners
Companies are shortened by eight to four days.

Member of the EU

If this is the case
Information is true, Switzerland has soberly considered a lot
reached. As a non-member of the EU and the EEA, she is entitled to access
European Internal Market. It's economical
much more strongly on the EU than vice versa. Nevertheless
suggests that the framework contract will be reduced.

In Parliament
Only a few of these agreements support. They belong to them
Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter, failed CVP federal candidate
and President of the Foreign Policy Commission of the National Council: "I wish an institutionalization of our relationship
with the EU in order to save the bilateral path in the long run. "

EU in the longer leverage

An alternative
Do not give it, she is convinced. "The Brexit shows that the
EU is in the longer leverage. "As President of the Chamber of Commerce
Both Basel know Schneider Schneider for the importance of a good one
Agreement with neighboring countries. Nevertheless, she should be with her
loud words in the federal house
no hearing.

The trade unions give the Federal Council the tariff. Image: KEYSTONE

"It's that
The SVP merits that the other parties are now also EU-critical
are, "says party leader Christoph Blocher in an interview with CH
Media to the point. One can further expand his statement: Without the bunkerality of the SVP, the Left in the European
a much weaker situation. But so have SP and
Trade unions are easy to play around the flanking measures
Pay damages without regard to losses.

Stormy times are before

The EU is at present
not in form, while Switzerland is doing well. That's too late
a certain obedience and a division of the
negative consequences of failure, such as "retaliatory measures" of the EU.

FDP stakeholder and federal candidate candidate Karin
Keller-Sutter did not conclude in the NZZ interview that Switzerland had to "pay a price in the form of certain harassment". "Maybe we just have to keep that," she said.

Wicki, her party rival around the succession of John
Schneider-Ammann, it looks less vulnerable. No to one
Framework agreements will have its price, he said
Tamedia Newspapers: "I fear that we are stormy times
to stand. "

As a former Managing Director of a global business, he knows the economic relationships. National Schneider Schneider Schneider
believes it will "hurt the economy massively."

The ominous "paper K"

In the
According to the "NZZ on Sunday", the federal government should cite a so-called "paper K" possible criminal actions of the EU
. This is not just the denial of the
Exchange rate equivalence, but also a disadvantage to Switzerland
the research and the date of the bilateral agreement
the technical barriers to trade.

The Medtech industry could suffer from needles of the EU. Image: KEYSTONE

Already at the beginning of 2017
the EU had "frozen" this contract to the disadvantage of the Swiss economy. Now, according to Switzerland on weekends, the important medical technology industry could be taken. The
Regulations in this area should be updated in 2019. Is
This is not the case, the disadvantages of access to the market in the EU and
Job losses.

Warning signals from Brussels

Switzerland would be in
such a case largely powerless. Risking an escalation
or even a "war of war" with the EU, can only lose it.
This leads to a bad suspicion: Have the Brussels
Swiss negotiators deliberately have an advantageous contract
because they were aware that he was in such a way as to resist
from left and right would fail?

A proof of it
There are, of course, no, but in Brussels there are no natives,
but exchanged professionals who are in the debate in Switzerland
Track the most. The temptation for her should be great
Switzerland to run in the trap. You just have to wait,
until the federal council is cluttering with them and new
Negotiations ask.

To warning signals
it is not missing. During my visit to Brussels in early summer
to hear it clearly. "If
this year nothing will be, I would not assume that
There is still something going on there, "said one with the discussions
familiar person. Some of the occurrences of recent days would also have to be
to give EU skeptics in this country.

Patience goes down

have always been acquainted with Switzerland, but at some point
the moment of the decision comes. That's right now, "he said
Austria's German Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in the NCZ.
It is a sure indication that not only in Brussels, but rather
even with EU member states, patience with Switzerland
Tired. And who wants to say seriously that the Brexit is one
A model for the future relations with Switzerland with the EU?

Cassis is not too envious. He and Roberto Balzaretti have done,
what they could. It has been banned by his loyal predecessor Didier
Burkhalter, who left the reins too long. He also stood in the swing of the SVP drool. Now that's the threat
Worst case. If the present agreement does not fail, the Swiss side may need to sign a
will be much worse.

would not be necessary if you could reasonably discuss it,
such as wage protection in Switzerland even at an attenuation of the
flanking measures can be secured. And you do not
from the SVP to the bark shore. The refusal of her
Initiative suggests that the people might be wiser and more
more visionary than his representatives in Bern.

Over there
Federal Council could force such a debate by doing so
Framework agreement. Perhaps he leaves time,
until his new members are elected. You need to charge the decision. At present, however, it looks rather like that
Switzerland's eye does not just fall into ruin but in
coarser calamities.

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