Thursday , August 11 2022

Former Raiffeisen-VR de la Serna is a new woman on the Gelsel side.


The launch of Raiffeisen CEO Patrik Gisel has targeted the small business businessman Laurence de la Serna.

It was enrolled in June 1918 and transferred in June 2018. Actually Laurence de la Serna (50 years old) stayed. In the era of former boss Pierin Vincenz (62), the board of Raiffeisen Switzerland has to reinforce financial and strategic issues for years.

However, Raiffeisen announced on April 26 that de Serna will no longer be included in Raiffeisen's re-establishment. The new board of directors decided not to declare re-election on June 16 due to "changes in the professional environment and personal reasons".

Unknown surprise to a quiet Geneva woman. In particular, the mother of three children is described as extremely competent and honest by their board members. The new relationship with Raiffeisen CEO Patrik Gisel (56), who left prematurely on Saturday, is now paying close attention to De La Cerna.

An economist with a sense of aviation

Until now, economists in western Switzerland have been known mainly as businessmen of midsize companies. In 2008, we acquired management of Jean Gallay SA, an aircraft turbine company based in Plan-les-Quates, an industrial region in Geneva. The aviation SME employs 185 people and has a turnover of 30 million francs. More than 90% of these came from abroad.

The Swiss-French SME magazine "PME Magazine" said that the perfectionist was proud of her team's work. "We do everything we can to ensure the quality of our products." Of course Rolls-Royce, Siemens or GE Aviation is one of our customers.

19 years old to study in the USA

De la Serna was early alone. By the time she was 19, she goes to America and learns about American culture and speaks in "PME Magazine". She likes Anglo-Saxon education. She got a logical, fact-based mindset. In 1991, a young economist returned to Geneva with an MBA in finance. She had her first job at the bank.

When her children went to school, de Serna started her career in the industry. She has undertaken a number of assignments with French-Swiss companies and joined Jean Gallay in 2002 to leave Raiffeisen, where she can concentrate fully.

The love of air is shared by De La Serna and Gisel. Gisel posts photos regularly on social media and marks her father with two children as a hobby pilot. The bank CEO, along with his colleagues, owns a twin-engineer sports plane and created a business plane.

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