Friday , July 30 2021

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are part

In the past, massive problems with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have been. All 3 social media services belong to the Facebook group.

Facebook is said at 12.30 in a lot of Europe, Southeast Asia and the Northeastern United States. First glitches on Instagram and WhatsApp have previously been reported. South Tyrol is also influential. If you try to access the pages, you get an error message. The failure includes both mobile and desktop applications.

The map of shows the extent of any failures.

What is just the reason for the storm is not yet known, a position that requires Facebook, about or the official Twitter account from & # 39; the entrepreneur has failed so far. An end of & # 39; the resignation is at & # 39; not expecting at the moment.

Cruel, game and serve

If you have the damage, you should not deal with the game. On Twitter, which works flawlessly, people are currently using the hashtag #Facebookisdown, about Facebook's debacle and cow.

A gentleman regularly writes: "Sometimes in the world, some eat avocado breads without them on the Internet!"

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