Tuesday , October 26 2021

"Evening view" represents paper output


On December 21, the last printed edition of the "Blicks in the Evening" appears. Its digital channels remain. As a result, the second Swiss press title, according to the western Swiss "Matin", is based on its print base.

Rainer Stadler

Soon to read on paper. (Picture: Andreas Bodmer / NZZ)

Soon to read on paper. (Picture: Andreas Bodmer / NZZ)

The advertising market showed too little interest in the "evening look". Therefore, Ringier presents the printed edition, as the Zurich media group reported on Wednesday. The economic situation and negative forecasts would have led to this decision, said Alexander Theobald, COO of Ringier Switzerland. Of the measures eleven people in the production sector are affected. Among other things, there is an early retirement. Some of the columnists of the evening leaf are housed elsewhere.

Online Advertising Overhaul Print

The digital channels of the "blick in the evening" will continue to be managed. According to Ringier, the corresponding activities on the social networks are "good about 800,000 interactions per month"; An enhanced commitment here is foreseen. Advertising, not least the so-called Native Advertising, work in this area. Ringier, however, has shifted the advertising revenue to the digital market. Alexander Theobald estimates that the "Look" Group will make more revenue with online advertising next year than with ads in "Look" and "Sunday's Gaze".

Investing in the editorial part of the digital "blick in the evening" is, however, low. There are four people here on the salary list. Your activity is not focused on up-to-date, but for a happy conversation, which is less likely to be outdated. The categories here are "Good News", "Krass", "Super", "Jö" and "Funny Fail", which will appeal to the youth audience.

Light-to-life entertainment also shaped the offer of the printed "Blicks in the Evening". The Apéro News for the Occupational Workers in the Public Transport, appeared first in early June 2008. The leaf then solved the brittle, little successful predecessor called "today". This was Ringier's response to the booming free leaves. The specialist for boulevard-based information was first complicated with the free trend, which was a danger to its core business.

After scandinavian media groups had launched the struggle for the attention of the Swiss commuters in the twentieth century with "20 minutes" and "Metro", they tried to capture some of the titles in the local metropolis, such as ".ch", "News" and "Cash daily ". The displacement competition finally won "20 minutes".

With the publication early in the evening, the "evening look" did not come in direct competition to such offers, but he moved in this segment. On the reading market, the "evening look" succeeded in reaching a relatively high range. He could even catch the "look". Recently, however, there have been declining numbers, as a result of the growing consumption of online publicity. In this area, the "evening look" in terms of range and output is compared to the "look" but until then a minor role.

The "look in the evening" is the second daily newspaper "Le Matin", which leaves the print area. In view of economic developments, other orginal organs will soon be able to move this way.

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