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Even machines can be disadvantaged – economy


The idea is attractive. An objective decision is made when the recruitment system chooses the most suitable candidate. This helps prevent personal impression or unconscious bias, such as people making preselected choices. As a result, machines can scour myriad applications in a fraction of the time. Therefore, especially large companies want automatic recruitment.

In the meantime, removing bias and stereotyping is not easy. For example, the Amazon case just made headlines a few weeks ago. The online mail order company had to suspend the recruitment project on unfavorable terms, which was not intended.

Amazon has developed a computer program for the project. It was to review the applications for key business-critical terms and to select the best of the many applications. The software has been trained to receive the successful applications of already hired employees. But the Amazon's labor force is centered on men as usual in the technology industry. The self-learning program recognized this and concluded that men were better suited. As a result, women are more likely to filter their applications.

It is not always clear.

Even the fact that machines can be disadvantaged surprises experts like Boris Dzida. Lawyers and management consultants in Hamburg recently addressed the University of St. Gallen conference on the risk of discrimination against electronic hooking tools. Dzida said that the disadvantages of personal conversations are not always clear and easily understood, just as in the case of Amazon. He explained this in another case. The algorithm of the employed tool has shown that based on the data entered, a long distance employee will terminate as soon as he finds something around him. As a result, he categorized volunteers who had traveled a long time.

"Now there are a lot of people in ethnic minority suburbs," Dzida says. "So the algorithm has a different purpose, but can unknowingly reach the disadvantages of the entire group of applicants. To find someone with a chance, he does not go back."

Not protected by law

To prevent discrimination, attorney Boris Dzida sees the employer as his duty, in particular. They need to be aware of the risks and avoid disadvantages with program providers. Dzida also recommends that you perform some tests before using the software. Thus, defects can be identified and corrected in time.

The discovery of the experts will also be of interest to Swiss companies. Every fifth person uses person analysis to search for people. This is St. This is from an unpublished survey of the National Fund project "Big Brother in Swiss Companies" published by Gallen University.

However, there is a lack of protection against discrimination in Swiss law. For example, unlike the EU, private employers in Germany do not prohibit discrimination on the basis of age, background or disability. Sex discrimination is prohibited in the private sector.

Open legal issues

Big data methods are not used for application analysis only. According to a survey of the National Fund project, employers in Switzerland are monitoring employees using new technologies. For example, install software on your PC to work intensively (performance management) or ensure compliance with regulatory requirements (compliance management).

The most common tool is the tool to keep employees. Professor Isabelle Wildhaber, a professor at the University of St. Gallen and co-director of the National Funds Project, will analyze his satisfaction and commitment to help determine whether to take a leap It says.

By law, an employer can only collect data about an employee if it is necessary to implement an employment contract. "The purpose of keeping good employees at work can be related to work, but data collection also has to be proportional," Wildhaber says. She suspects that this is always true. Some employers got blanket consent from their employees, but that was not enough. According to Wildhaber, lawyers have not reached an agreement on what is allowed and what is not. "There are a lot of open legal issues."

What can employees do if they feel like their employers do? Lawyer Wildhaber works with other people to explain to your supervisor, explain, collect data, and advise on the purpose. If employees feel their employer is going too far, they can get legal help.

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