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Drawn from war culture


At the press conference, "Stalag IIB War Lén Tardi", the fresh third volume, came out. Anette Gehrig, director of Basel animation director Barbel Cartoonmuseum, gave a speech. It is the latest work of Frenchman Jacques Tardi, a new monothematic exhibition dedicated to a beautiful old house in the suburb of St Alban.

After last year's Christie Niemann summer Ulli Lust, this is once again an outstanding cartoonist and one of the very big cartoons with a reputation that Gehrig can propose. Tardi – He likes to leave his first name. People who live for drawing. "I, René Tardi, Stalag IIB's prisoner of war" has already appeared as the 50th band in 45 years. The third, freshly printed part of the series, again, concludes his most personal work: his father, René, as a prisoner of war during World War II.

Chronologically structured

How Tardi Junior approached this intimate subject based on his father's memorial note is shown in the cartoon museum, chronologically from the first floor to the second floor. If you look at a room by room, you will see two facts. In the past, the tardy was strong, and the preference for black and white was prominent.

Born in Valances in southern France, he graduated in 1946 from the Art Universities of Lyon and Paris, south of France, in 1974 with "Le Demode de las". Two years later, the first part of the "les adventure theater" Adèle Blanc-Sec "was published. Tardi came up with a strange and powerless adventurer with freckles, with a strange story in Paris of the turn of the century. "Adèle" was his epoch-making event.

Another person inevitably involved with the name Tardi is Nestor Burma. Pipe tobacco in smart clothes The private detective was not invented by him, but invented by writer Léo Malet (1909-1996). The advantage of Tardi is that it is a visual visualization of this Nestor Burma.

The Ligne claire is a stylistic device that influenced the Belgian Hergé with the "Tintin" story and was slightly modified in Tardi. Accuracy of background, accuracy of stroke when drawing cars, trains and objects. Even the characters in Adèle and Nestor stories may have come from Hergé's pen.

And not. Claude Cueni brilliantly solved it in his new novel, while Hergé was racist, anti-Semitic and left-handed. Tardi is a warrior, a devoted warrior who is always interested in small people. For example, someone who believes in the ideals of the Paris Commune. Therefore, the format may be similar. The story is very different, a bit tricky and a bit fantastical, but more informed than Tardi than the world famous Belgium.

Little by little, World War I has something to do with the subject. In front of the trenches, the big, the slaughterhouse – they started creating spaces for themselves alongside the typical street scenery on various streets of Paris or Paris in Belle Époque.

Tardi explains that grandmother started talking to her about what her grandfather had been through from 1914 to 1918: The album "Grave War" (1993) or "Miserable War" ("Putain de guerre!", 2008) is mentioned as an example. You can see some of the original pages of this book at the exhibit.

Pouring bowel

Objectivity and rigid naturalism have destroyed the Adesle story and the mischievous threat of Nestor Burma story. Now it's a terrible thing, like a bullet stuck in the body or a bullet chasing a skeleton.

You do not have to think about the components of a cartoonist when you look at an exhibit. Is he a storyteller? Yes, it is. But where is he most likely to go? To the writer? To the performing artist? To the filmmaker?

The wide-format panel is laid out in a freshly printed book hand-held by Anette Gehrigin. Cinemascope-style image. The proximity to the movie is obvious. But Tartier is also the person who sets the Word that does not depend entirely on the power of the painting.

To make a person's weakness the name of a person, the color of the person is most likely. He is obviously the owner of black and white.

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