Friday , July 30 2021

Damage to pastor guest Balthus: Schawinski breaks his silence

Roger Schawinski said on Sunday to scandal with minister Salomé Balthus. He calls it a "liar campaign" for his person.

Journalist Roger Schawinski (73) made the last game headlines. The noble prostitute Salomé Balthus (34) was a guest in a SRF talk show "Shawinski" and caused a scandal with a previous column at & # 39; e broadcast in & # 39; e & # 39; world & # 39; Since Balthus was not in quotation in her statement with Schawinski, she is now going to her columnist job with the newspaper (Blick message).

After Roger Schawinski commented on Balthus's representatives at BLICK, earlier Monday before sending his broadcast, he was then refused to report his release. Until now.

Schawinski described the media responses to a CH-Media editorial as a "lying campaign". The talking legend was accused by Balthus and various media to expose a prostitute on TV.

Roger Schawinski asked Balthus whether she was sexually abused as a child as a child. For two minutes for this question, a picture of Balthus' father was shown, the 34-year-old mentioned the question, according to her own information, her father. Various Swiss media like the "Tages-Anzeiger" or the "SonntagsZeitung" beat Shawinski.

"Polemic against old white men"

The Zurich magazine tells the CH-Media newspaper: "To accuse me, I asked for something, but meant something else, I feel guilty." He pointed out that he had been abusing abuse of a well-tried Alice Schwarz declaration. Connection to Balthus & daddy would not exist.

Schawinski can swear the big media to the interview village. This has nothing to do with journalism. "That's just a polemical against old white men with their toxicity-masculinity, who's giving the radical feminists quite fertile and sharp all the head."

Ask? "Yes, but …"

And yet. Schawinski is no longer her. In another interview with the industrial portal "" he responded to & # 39; a question whether he asked the question & # 39; To put the program back again: "Yes, but I would not like Alice's pronunciation to be the first of several, but later in the program. I don't dream of thinking that you have no links from the usual entry – the questions of the family name – to a concrete explanation that was adapted to it, to immediately disqualify me as a disographer. "

After the show she got weak knees

The noble prostitute posed in her now-wounded column, to the show, "soft knee" and even replaced the plane to Berlin. Instead, they got drunk at Zurich Airport. Shawi looks at these complaints Balthus unbitrouber. He discovers that after the broadcast to a phone, she has asked his producer if a next broadcast was possible.

That Balthus was refused because of a traffic, Schawinski surprised. He calls it "a radical reaction" from a "world" newspaper. It was done without his intervention and therefore cannot be included. "I thought of a correction. But perhaps there is a zero-tolerance policy in Germany on the relotius scandal."

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