Saturday , January 22 2022

Corina Gredig and Nicola Forster are GLP chairmen.


The faces of Zurich Green Golb (Corn Gredig) and Nicola Foster (Nicola Forster) preside over the Canton GLP. You take over the office of Thomas Maier.

The General Assembly unanimously followed the Executive Board's proposal on Tuesday evening in Dietikon. It was also unanimously proposed as a joint sponsorship on October 2. The board sees two "motivated and dedicated people" who bring fresh air to the party.

Corina Gredig, 31, is very familiar with Green Liberals. She co-addressed the campaign in 2011, worked in working groups and regional sections, and led the cantonal office in 2010-2013. She moved to the national level as executive director of the Bundeshausfraktion.

She and Kathrin Bertschy founded glp Lab, a political platform from 2015. Since 2017, Gredig is a member of the Stadtz├╝rcher.

Co-founder of Libero Operations

The 33-year-old Nicola Forster is founder and president of Think-Thanks foraus, who is committed to open and constructive foreign policy. He is also co-founder of the National Laboratory and the operating Libero.

Growing up in Zurich and trained as a lawyer, he is a political entrepreneur and moderator today. Forster has been an active GLP member for 10 years. As the party said, they think they both represent current and future GLPs.

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