Sunday , October 17 2021

Colonists could build stations from blood and urine


Transporting building materials to Mars is expensive and cumbersome. A British study suggests that you could make your own structures from blood.

the essences in brief

  • Investigators have made a new finding for a hypothetical Mars mission.
  • Extra hard concrete can be made with blood and rocks from Mars.
  • Urea from the urine also strengthens the building material.

Setting up an outpost on Mars will be the most difficult task man can face. At least from today’s point of view. At some point there will be a base, but until then it will be tight on the red planet.

For this reason, any hypothetical Mars mission intends to use local resources. There is no shortage of sand and stone. Water becomes a bigger problem because it only occurs near the piles when deep under the ground. But once the nutrition problem was solved, it would be time to build additional structures.

Concrete making blood and urine on Mars

As the British magazine “Materials Today Bio” explains, the answer is very simple. Researchers have found that making building materials requires connective tissue.

The researchers swore by the human albumin found in our blood. The protein seems to form a kind of extra hard concrete in conjunction with the rocks of Mars. Now it’s getting even worse, the addition of urea makes it 300 percent harder again.

That it may be assumed that the first colonists would build the new structures from their blood and urine.

What do you think of a Mars base?

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