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Chess: The Greatest World of World Cups


The World Cup between the dancing campaign Magnus Carlsen and the US Luigi Caruana comes to a head. Our shock sector analyzes the history so far – and thinks the legendary title commands.

Vlastimil Hort

Nine out of twelve games of # 39; The final of the 2018 World Cup has already been played. Three quarters have the two opposers behind, except for each time a character has been played. The criticism is louder. But nice scholarship, do not forget that the two most current strongest players in the world are opposed to each other. Only a minimal difference (3 points) in their ELO rating separates them. However, two strong gladiators fight for the win in London on the front. It's in nature's & # 39; The chances you have to wait a bit for a win.

The world champions Magnus Carlsen and his challenger Fabiano Caruana have hitherto made almost weak performances. Just like the Super Super Computer!

Strangely, the white stones have so far made no advantage. Caruana even lost the first game with Weiss. In the sixth play (Russian) Carlsen was also under pressure with Weiss.

To the author of this article

Vlastimil Hort (74, photo) was born in 1944 in Kladno (then Czechoslovakia). He was in 1962 International Champion (IM) and is Grandmaster (GM) since 1965.

He won the sixth national championship of Czechoslovakia six times (1970, 1971, 1972, 1975, 1977, 1984). In 1970, Hort was also in the legendary contest of # 39; the Union against the rest of # the world on board 4 and defeated the Russian Lew Polugajewski 2.5: 1.5. Hort his best finish at the sixth place in Fide World Corporation until 1977. In addition, he is still a specialist in # 39; the blind shoe. Hort played from 2013 to 2015 for the Schachclub Luzern in the NLA. Horset the highest ELO number (chess rank) is 2620 (1978), currently 2414 (Carlsen 2835 / Caruana 2832).

I love this competition, especially for the whole final. Both actors are universal, so the writers get the money from their money. No, this competition is no longer! These are no short games that the two play. They use their chances until it's possible bitter # on. Maybe you know the funny creativity card with two chocolate little bears sitting at the table? For them, they have a board, where two lonely kings sit together. And the bears play on and on …

For example, world champion Magnus Carlsen massaged the challenger in the first game for a full 115 movements. Luigi Caruana loses six games with Black. The massage, however, lasted "only" 80.

9. Draw in the 9th game

The ninth match of the World Chess Championship in London between World Champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Fabiano Caruana also has a point with division. In the general ranking list is 4.5: 4.5. The 27-year-old champion of Norway earned a favor to the opening, but he finally returned by hectic play.

London. WM (classical reflection time / 1 million dollars). 9th round: Caruana (USA / White) – Carlsen (NOR / TV) 0.5: 0.5 (after 56 seconds). – Interim (9/12): 4.5: 4.5. – Mode: played at 6.5 points. If it's 6: 6, it's the decision on November 28 in the tie break for games with reductive time to think.

Here are a few Mûsterchen from a fascinating, sometimes grotesque world of # 39; World Cup Duel.

The conscious resistance of Fischer

"I wanted to break the first ego," said Bobby Fischer's World Cup in 1972 on Boris Spassky. There were many speculations about his first two defeats at the beginning of the game. In 1993, I visited Bobby Fischer in Budapest, and we both came to talk about this legendary competition. It was a shock for me when he called me he also the intention of the third game in # 39; to cancel a match. His fear and respect for the World Chess Federation (Fide) and not Spassky were too great. Do you want the Fide Commission to do without punishment?

The empty aspart of Lasker

Also known is the conflict situation of 1934 in the game Nimzowitsch – Lasker. At that time, smoking was not banned at the table yet. Aron Nimzowitsch, the master of the blockade, complains in # 39; the referee signaled for a Emanuel Lasker. But why? The real money for World Champion Lasker, the Cuban Havana sigars, was low. "I do not run at all," protested Lasker against the complaint. "It is threatening to go," replied Nimzowitsch, "that's even worse!"

The birthday of Aljechin

José Raul Capablanca and Alexander Alekhine hate one another. Her competitions in Buenos Aires in 1927 lasted 34 matches. Alekhine won (+6 = 25-3), but had to attract all the toes of his upper toe for health. Eleven years later came the famous Avro tournament in Holland. Capablanca celebrated his 50th birthday at the tournament. Many on this day also was the game Aljechin – Capablanca on the program. Alekhine appeared late in the play – awareness? – and played so powerful that Capablanca was able to find a chance for himself. "And that was my birthday present at Capablanca," Aliyechin said badly after the game.

The straw trees under the table

Or the dramatic games between Victor Korchnoi and Tigran Petrosian. As a precaution, there were always various acts of privilege in order to not let the rolwakers not under the control panel to kick with his feet. This was eventually stopped by a wooden wall beneath the table that leaves her legs extending to rest.

Corkenis fought against the Soviet Union

Or the spectacular competition Korchnoi – Karpov in Baguio City, Philippines in 1978. "Viktor the Terrible", immigrants already immigrated to Switzerland, not only on the board, but also against the all Soviet (shadow) rich! In & # 39; shoe of & # 39; The shoe were several poisons on the whole line of Chamber Anatoly Karpov to head of state Leonid Brezhnev. At the very least, the Soviet Karpov competitors have fallen to this political lease.

The Siamese cat of Madame Aljechin

Ludek Pachman, politician, publisher and strong surgeon, wrote in his memoirs about the Prostate Tournament of 1943: "I won against Opocinsky, and Alekhine asked me to analyze in his hotel suite, unfortunately, the Siamese cat of Madame Aljechin was not very ordinary Kindly, for me, some painful scratches were the result. "Perhaps Pachman's features on the board are not good enough?

Who makes the first mistake in London?

Still, Garry Kasparov was hurt. I saw three glittering world championships: Mikhail Valley, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov. Perhaps I have to expand the list to the current C league against C. Finally, no horror or intelligent maladministration in London has been experienced. Hard, but honest. I wish to predict: if you make the first serious mistake of doing two, you will lose the duel. Error humanum est!

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