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Brazil's largest formula 1 Verstappen-Ausraster


Actually, it belongs to Formula 1. Bad words are usually in the background. And only in the last century's time was pushed or hit. Now let Max Verstappen assassinate Ocon in Brazil.

Brazil's biggest scorer, Max Verstappen, and Esteban Ocon play in 43 rounds. The Dutch are at the forefront. He loses the race. And nerve later. "What an idiot!" He was crazy over the radio.

"Mad Max" did not calm down once again at the Parc Fermé where the driver gets out of the car after the game. Conversely, he starts at Ocon and pushes him multiple times. The French are almost out of the way. Verstappen is loaded in front of the race commission.

On Sunday night, the verdict has two days when Verstappen provides social services for the FIA ​​in the next six months. Light punishment.

Verstappen-Ausraster is not the only passionate Rencontre in Formula 1 history. look.

In 1982, Hockenheim's Brazilian Nelson Piquet (BMW) fought wildly against Chile's Eliseo Salazar (ATS).

«Your old envelope does not understand anything»

In 1993, Eddie Irvine (Jordan) and Ayrton Senna (McLaren) collided in Suzuka. Nordire received a GP suspension and protested, and instead of mitigating the penalty, in the FIA ​​court in Paris, "Do you want to know how the cockpit looks?" There are three GP gates.

Shumi made Senna angry.

The star of Michael Schumacher (Benetton) entered slowly and slowly, and there was a test run several months after the scandal with Senna. The McLaren star somehow upset that the "rookie" did not immediately make his way for him. Scuffs and threats.

Blow in Belgium

Twice Spa was a scene of disillusioned pilots. In 1998, Coulthard (McLaren) did not leave room for the large Schumi to rain. The Ferrari star crashed into Scotland, lost the wheel, and mastered the box. He started at Coulthard but could be slow.

When Senna (Lotus) and Mansell (Williams) met GP Belgium in 1987. Britain stormed Brazil immediately after the accident and shook his work pants. "Senna:" If you attack like that, I will not apologize. "

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