Thursday , June 24 2021

Australian Fax Index: Specialized Plan for 2019

Vienna (APA) – The new Austrian facsimile plan 2019 is here. On Saturday morning, he was presented this year at the Austrian Feast Day in Vienna. "There are new vacancies, but various certifications on the use of vaccine, immunosuppression vaccine and special occupational groups," said Ursula Wiedermann-Schmidt, congressional organizer and co-author of the up-to-date professional plan, the APA.

"Facsimile is one of the most important, most effective previntive measures in medicine. As a rule, intensive individuals are protected from the corresponding illness. In addition, illness can only be spoken by person to person, Like poliomyelitis, hepatitis B or cortex, with a highly elevated immunization coverage, moreover, the current epidemiological situation in Austria requires efforts to change the risk of fertility and mortality, as well as up to 1000 deaths every year, including deaths in the past. healthy children, here it is also necessary to increase the vaccination less ", is required by the Austrian Faxin plan 2019.

Especially for children as the first to be protected, legal bases reach the United Nations. "According to the UN Convention of 20 November 1989 (signed and ratified by Austria), children have the right to best healthcare. This also describes protection against illness which can be negotiated by inaction. Everyone is required to give vaccination to their children, "say the experts.

In medical and toddler care, it is up to starting the current state of medical science, not reloading, and temporarily base immunizations on & # 39; to tell a time. In addition, according to the recommendation of a World Heritage Organization, WHO, all doctor contacts should be used to check whether the recommended vaccines have been performed, and if necessary, prepare for vacation. Also doctor contacts in the context of hospitals are used for you. A current faxing must be guaranteed by necessary boxing imprints at any age. A dereliction of factless faction, which speaks clearly to you, is a wound of science-based principles and can & # 39; ask the professional trust of a doctor or doctor & # 39;

Influenza vaccination, for example, highlights the importance of four factions, which protects against greater protection against gripping B by two counterparts of influenza B. For adolescents, there is also a particularly suitable adjuvant for a stronger immune response vaccine, but still on three protection (against two influinsza A stins and a grippe effect on B). Influenza B is normally less serious than grippe infection.

The new facsimile plan also includes deadlines such as "faxing" and "active" faxing in more details. Ursula Wiedermann-Schmidt invented the APA's lowest reported side-effect for vaccines: "In 2017, between 3.5 million and four million vaccines were included in Austria. There were 289 side-effects."

It would also be important to provide enough vaccination protection for people with weak immune systems and their families. "There are many more people than you expect. It also includes patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy for a primary disease (such as cancer, autoimmune diseases such as polyarthritis, Crohn's disease, etc.)," ​​they say. expert. Prior to or after such therapy, care should be taken to make every possible first vaccination or the necessary building blocks possible. The Austrian Facsimile Plan 2019 also contains a summarized table of necessary and absolute obligatory facials for certain occupational groups. This includes specifically those who use it in a health system.

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