Sunday , August 1 2021

Although they have a lot of fans, why many Netflix series have stopped again

It's not just Netflix that benefits from the scheme. When returning for prepaid payments and frequently used television rights, the production studios are given much more freedom when they are different. Calling a Good Example of This Freedom Techbook: The Oscar-nominated drama "Roma" by Alfonso Cuarón has a budget of $ 15 million, with a very horrible time of about 100 days. It is only half the time to use it.

Much is also associated with the user data that is & nbsp; & gt; netfix collected. It was not possible that Netflix might seem to have the optimal season-long merely 10 episodes, whereas in the 13th it was considered an important indication. So, instead of older series, Netflix is ​​always expanding its customers new series, which will then be resold after a few seasons. Fans are disappointed with the design – but would be replaced by the large number of new offerings. So look so much out of their disappointment with a term expressed, writes Deadline.

Although the final development is still being estimated, it can already be seen that the trend can expand as well on other platforms. For example, the Amazon Prime and Hulu sellers have just two series with more than four seasons: "Bosch" on Hulu and "Transparent" on Amazon.

In the light of current trends, it seems like & # 39; e due in the future to TV formats such as the "Lindenstraße" or "Where to Millionaire" & # 39; German TV is available, or even decades.

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